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Manufacturers in Racine, around Wisconsin, and across the United States have an obligation under the law to ensure that their products function as intended. Therefore, product makers have a duty to make their products in a way that limits the danger to users.

Unfortunately, people suffer life-altering injuries daily because of a failure to adhere to this duty. These injuries could impact your physical health, ability to earn a living, and your emotional well-being.

That said, manufacturers who allow these injuries to occur are liable for providing appropriate compensation to make things right. Our Racine defective products lawyers could lead the way in seeking these payments. A skilled injury attorney at the Law Offices of R.F. Wittmeyer, Ltd. can work with you to understand how the event has changed your life and to demand that liable manufacturers provide the payments necessary to help you obtain financial stability.

How to Prove Defective Product Case

As a general concept, all manufacturers have a duty under the law to produce products that function as intended. However, products do not necessarily have to be safe in all situations. Instead, products must be reasonably safe if consumers use them according to the directions.

Pursuant to Wisconsin Statute § 895.047, product producers are strictly liable for an injury if an item results from a manufacturing defect is defective in design, or comes to a customer without adequate warnings or instructions.

Demonstrating these concepts can be difficult. For instance, cases that rely on defective design theory must offer an alternative design that would have resulted in a safer but economical product. At the same time, a maker may argue that the injury occurred because the victim misused the product or was drunk at the time of the injury.

Defective product cases are often complex and may even require the help of an expert to prove liability. A skilled attorney in Racine could explain the laws that apply to a case and take the lead in performing an in-depth investigation into the incident.

 Seeking Out Fair Compensation for Losses

Proving that a product’s maker was liable for an injury is only one part of a successful case. It is just as essential to show how that event changed an individual’s life. In many cases, this can require gathering evidence concerning past losses and estimating how the event will change a person’s future.

A defective products lawyer could help to make these determinations. Additionally, a legal representative can gather medical bills to evaluate past losses and work with experts to determine how a serious injury might impact an individual’s ability to earn a living in the future. Finally, a lawyer in Racine can understand how an event has affected a person’s life and demand the appropriate payments to compensate them for their pain.

These factors combine to form a comprehensive demand package. It is essential to develop these packages quickly. Pursuant to WI Stat. § 893.54, people may have as short a time as three years from the date of an injury to demand payments.

Let a Defective Products Attorney in Racine Protect Your Legal Rights

Injuries that result from defective products are common. For example, these injuries can occur on the road, at home, or while visiting a doctor. In each scenario, you must prove that a manufacturer committed an error resulting in losses.

A Racine defective products lawyer at our firm could help prove this concept. Likewise, our legal representatives can work to evaluate how the incident has changed your life and to determine how much compensation you deserve. Reach out to us today to learn more.

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