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Taking a foreign substance is a decision you should make with informed consent. Sadly, medication manufacturers sometimes fail to provide adequate information about the drugs and its potential side effects. Additionally, manufacturing errors sometimes cause drugs to have unintended reactions.

In both situations, a drugmaker is liable for all resulting damage. However, proving that a manufacturer is responsible for a person’s injuries requires an in-depth understanding of the drug design process, an examination of the manufacturing techniques, and a knowledge of state product liability laws.

Fortunately, a Racine dangerous drugs lawyer could help. At the Law Offices of R.F. Wittmeyer, Ltd., our skilled personal injury attorneys could stand by your side to explain your rights, evaluate your case, and hold negligent drugmakers accountable for their actions.

When is a Drug Unsafe?

Undoubtedly, taking any drug comes with risks. For example, even seemingly innocuous substances like aspirin can adversely affect a person’s health. That said, you should be cautious when considering taking prescription medications.

Regulatory entities such as the Food and Drug Administration require drugmakers to submit their formulas for approval and closely monitor their manufacturing processes. Failing to do either requirement could indicate manufacturer liability.

For example, submitting false or incomplete data to the FDA could make a dangerous drug available for purchase. Similarly, not keeping a drug manufacturing facility sterile or properly maintained could lead to product contamination. Either situation could mean a drugmaker is responsible for paying for an injured person’s losses. A knowledgeable attorney in Racine could provide more information about the legal concept of hazardous drugs and work to determine who caused an individual’s injuries.

Taking the Lead in Seeking Out Fair Payments

It can be difficult to describe the impact of taking a dangerous drug. For instance, in some cases, an over-the-counter medication may result in a negative interaction with a person’s existing prescription plan. Likewise, a mislabeled substance could lead to dangerous combinations or overdoses.

Like any other personal injury claim, a person’s experiences with dangerous drugs vary. The role of an attorney is to measure these experiences and demand proper compensation for their clients. Additionally, enlisting the help of a legal representative is crucial when considering the state’s rule concerning modified comparative negligence.

For example, according to Wisconsin Statute § 895.045, defendants can argue that an injured person did not do enough to prevent their own injuries. If a court agrees with this argument, it may reduce an injured person’s award at trial. However, a hardworking attorney could fight to get plaintiffs the maximum compensation for their injuries caused by unsafe medications.

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Drug manufacturers are no different from the makers of other consumer products. In fact, the FDA requires these companies to adhere to enhanced standards for safety and customer care. Sadly, intentional acts or accidental failures that do not meet these standards often lead to extensive injuries.

When you been hurt by a hazardous medication, you deserve adequate and fair compensation. A Racine dangerous drugs lawyer could take the lead in your case to prove a drugmaker’s fault and demand the payments necessary to get your life back in order. Reach out to a lawyer with over 30 years of experience at our firm to schedule an appointment and begin filing your claim.

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