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2018 October and November Events

As fall gets into full gear and Halloween only a few days away, there are many great events happening in the Chicago area.

If you’re near Randhurt Mall, its annual Fall Festival features special appearances by pet costume parade, real Owls from the Stillman Nature Center, activities and fun crafts. Free family fun includes free pumpkins to decorate, the Rad Hatter for keepsake hats made by you, stunning live owls, a horse-drawn wagon ride, face painting, games and crafts. Join the animals and have fun on October 20, 2018.  The family festivities kick-off in center court along Randhurst Village Drive at 1 pm and continue until 4 pm. The event will open with a costume pet parade, sponsored by the Daily Herald.

At River Trail Nature Center in Northbrook, you can join them for their Fall Festival on October 21. Experience storytelling, beekeeping demonstrations, pumpkin painting, honey, hay rides and more! Admission is free. However, there are small fees for some activities. But if you bring bring a non-perishable food item to donate to The Greater Chicago Food Depository, you can exchange it for activity tickets. 1 item = 1 ticket.

Head out to DeKalb County for the Sycamore Pumpkin Festival. On the Courthouse lawn, thousands of pumpkins will be decorated. Additionally, you can see arts and crafts shows, a house walk, a pie-eating contest, two carnivals, and a giant parade on Sunday afternoon. The festival started in 1956 and you wouldn’t want to miss it! The festival takes place from October 24 through October 28.

The annual BatFest in Batavia includes, downtown Trick-or-Treating, a great parade, a pumpkin bowl,  and many other contests and games for families to enjoy. It takes place on October 27, 2018 downtown and at the Batavia Riverwalk. And if you need any last minute homemade goodies, the last Farmers’s Market of the outdoor season in Batavia takes place.contests BatArt and games for free family fun.

And of course, to end the season and prepare for Santa, go downtown for the Magnificent Mile Festival of Lights. There you will see the tree lighting, a fantastic fireworks display, many musical performances, and have the opportunity to start your holiday shopping spree.

Put your fall coat on and have some fun from all of us at the Law Offices of R.F. Wittmeyer, Ltd.


OSHA’s Fatal Four Construction Injuries

fatal four osha

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) provides regulations to promote a safe work place for the workers. Since 1970, OSHA has made a difference for worker’s safety. The government agency partners with state officials, safety and health professionals, unions, and other advocates. The work has had a dramatic effect on workplace safety. For example, the effort has reduced worker’s deaths in America from about 38 worker’s deaths a day in 1970 to 14 a day in 2016.

OSHA has designed a safety and regulation program to keep the construction sites safe by focusing on four areas of injuries. They refer to these injuries as the “Fatal Four.” The “Fatal Four” includes

  • falls,
  • struck by object,
  • electrocution and
  • caught-in/between.

The “Fatal Four” are responsible for more than half of all construction workers death in 2016. The goal of OSHA is to reduce the risk of injury from the “Fatal Four. In the end, they want to save over 600 workers’ lives in America each year.

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2018 Judicial Elections

cook county judicial elections

On November 6, 2018, you once again will have the opportunity to vote in a general election. On the ballot this year are several judicial offices. The judicial evaluation process is an in depth and impartial assessment of each judicial candidate.

Cook County Judicial Elections

In Cook County, here is the process that is followed.

  • First, each candidate is asked to file a detailed disclosure form of approximately 20 pages.
  • Then an investigator is assigned to each candidate, who contacts random people listed and not listed on the candidate’s disclosure form and gathers information about the candidate’s background, legal knowledge and skills, integrity, and demeanor.
  • Next a panel of 10 to 15 lawyers review the disclosure form, the investigator’s report, and conduct an in person interview of each judicial candidate.
  • From being involved in this process, I can tell you that the candidates, investigators, and panelists take this process seriously.
  • The panel then makes a recommendation.

As you can see from the recommendations, not all judicial candidates are considered qualified to hold the important office of judge.

Please take this opportunity to access the judicial evaluations available from the Illinois State Bar Association, and use them to cast an informed ballot for your/our judges in this upcoming judicial election on November 6, 2018.  Thank you.

Additionally, if you or anyone you know needs to contact a personal injury lawyer, contact the Law Offices of R.F. Wittmeyer, Ltd. today for a free consultation!

Fall Bike Safety Tips

fall bike

As the leaves change and the temperatures drop, many jump on their bikes to explore the Northwest suburbs. You can see all of the Halloween decorations in your neighborhood. And you can experience the beautiful foliage in our state and county parks. But unfortunately, the change in weather can lead to more bicycle and pedestrian accidents.

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Car Seat Installation Tips and Common Mistakes

Car seats and boosters provide protection for infants and children in a crash. However, the leading cause of death for children ages 1 to 13 remains car crashes. As you buckle up your child this fall, remember to use the right care seat every time. Car seat installation seems relatively simple, but with a simple mistake, your child may be at risk. Follow these simple tips and remember to watch for common mistakes to stay safe this fall.

How to Find the Right Car Seat

Depending on the size of your child and your vehicle, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration details four car seat types. First, the best seat for your young child is the rear facing seat. With a harness, it cradles and moves with your child in a crash. This reduces the stress to the child’s fragile neck and spinal cord. Second, the forward facing car seat has a harness and tether that limits your child’s forward movement during a crash. Third, the booster seat positions the seat belt so that it fits properly over the stronger parts of your child’s body. Lastly, the seat belt should lie across the upper thighs. Make sure the belt is snug across the shoulder and chest to restrain your child safely in a crash. The belt should not on a child’s belly or cover a child’s face. The NHTSA has a Car Seat Finder tool that lets you compare seats and ease-of-use ratings to find the right car seat for your child.

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Arlington Heights Library’s Piano Project

On September 13, 2018, the Arlington Heights Memorial Library officially began their piano project. Six artists have decorated pianos that have been placed throughout Arlington Heights. And several residents of the village donated their pianos for the art exhibition. The pianos were located through Friday, October 12 at Harmony Park, Arlington Heights Metra Station, Northwest Community Healthcare Wellness Center Lobby, Senior Center Patio, Arlington Heights Memorial Library Dunton Avenue Entrance and the library’s Underground Garage Entrance. Below are the names of the artists and where their pianos were located.

Preeti Iqbal – Village Landscape

Specializing in watercolor art since 2002, Preety Iqbal worked in information technology as she honed her skills as an artist. She volunteers at WINGS resale store in Niles and donates her art to many silent auctions. Iqbal was inspired by the library and the One Book, One Village program. She designed her piano with expanisve green meadows with mountains and a bright blue sky. Additionally, she used a field of flowers to bring out some more color. Her piano was featured at the Northwest Community Healthcare Wellness Center at 900 W. Central Road.

Violet Jaffe – Reaching Toward Joy

Violet Jaffe has painted for more than 30 years and studied at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. She told a personal story with her piano. Her grandfather had ALS and was cared for by her grandmother. A recent entry in the One Book, One Village collection, Every Note Played, brought many of her feelings about watching her family as they dealt with the disease. She used the image of a raven to illustrate death and bluebirds to sumbolize joy and life. Lastly, she included chained hands to describe her grandfather’s paralysis and fear. Her piano was featured at the Library’s first floor and will be on display starting October 15.

Anthony Lewis – Video Disruption #3

Anthony Lewis works as an artist, writer, and video technician. He draws from hsi work in video engineering through his painting and texture. His piano continues a line of work that he has presented across Chicago over the past years. He uses the iconic test pattern image from television to create conversation between generations. With nostalgia for some and lack of knowledge of test patterns, Lewis wanted to reshape the musical instrument. The piano was located at the Library’s Underground Parking entrance.

Teresa Meyanci – Once Upon a Tune

Teresa Meyanci has many artistic talents from sketching to painting to actually playing the piano she painted for this exhibit. In her design, she wanted to showcase how music can transport you anywhere your imagination can go. She uses kraken and pirate ship images, characters from fairy tales, and a magical forest with a dragon on a castle tower to create that story. The piano was located at Harmony Park on the corner of Vail and Campbell Streets.

Tara Riley – Grow Wild

A graduate of the School of the Art Institute of Chicago in 1988, Tara Riley has created her own work and taught many others to explore their creativity. With many art exhibitions throughout her career, she worked as a substitute art teacher in school districts 211 and 214. For her piano, she took inspiration from Gustov Kimt’s The Kiss. She used mosaic tile work, metallic work, and jewels to combine Art Nouveau with inspiration for her own garden. The piano was located at the Senior Center courtyard at 1801 W. Central Road.

Tom Rybarczyk – Rainbow Zebra

For 31 years, Tom Rybarcyzk worked as a graphic artist. Over the past few years, he has worked as a watercolor artist and is the committee chairperson for the Arlington Heights Art Guild. He wanted to create a powerful and fun piano that included a colorful zebra print and musical notes. He used pattern and design to help people experience the sound of music without having to touch a single black or white key. His piano was inside the Arlington Heights Metra Station at 45 W. Northwest Highway.
If you are interested in seeing some of these wonderful pieces of art, check out the Arlington Heights Memorial Library, where they will be on display for a limited time. The Law Offices of R.F. Wittmeyer, Ltd. continue to work to bring as much art and culture to the northwest suburbs through create work with the Northwest Cultural Council.

Construction Site Accident Injuries

construction accident injuries

Many people see new construction and get excited about the new stores, homes, or parks that come with them. However, construction causes many serious injuries, or even death, to construction workers. They perform risky tasks such as use hazardous machinery. Additionally, they work on road construction where cars at fast speed drive by. Lastly, they climb great heights which put them at a risk of serious injury every day at work.

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Scaffolding Accidents


Workers understand the risks of construction sites. They understand the risks of falling from great heights. As they work on scaffoldings, Construction crew members are at a high risk of death due to falls from great heights. One reason for the falls among construction workers is scaffoldings that collapse.

Injuries Caused By Scaffoldings Collapsing

Some major injuries that can result from the fall of a construction worker due to scaffolding collapse are:

  • Broken or shattered bones
  • Traumatic brain injuries
  • Spinal cord injuries
  • Internal organ damage or bleeding
  • Serious lacerations

Many workers who fall due to scaffolding dangerously collapsing result in major injuries if not death. Usually, the victims needs extensive medial treatment and may be left with permanent disabilities.

Injuries, disabilities and death can become costly, with medical bills and loss of work. Attorneys provide services that helps the innocence victims combat the situation and be provided with what they deserve.

Disney Scaffoldings Accident

Such accidents happen every day. For example, a horrible accident involving the collapse of scaffolding took place at a Disney park.

On August 29 around 4:15 a.m., two construction workers worked on the 6th and 7th floor of a construction site, pouring concrete for the new hotel. The scaffolding collapsed. Subsequently, they fell 80 feet to their death. The third worker managed to hang on to the scaffolding and climbed to safety. He suffered minor injuries but refused transport to the hospital. A fourth worker escaped uninjured. At the time of the incident, a dozen workers worked, pouring concrete. Reports identified the deceased as Jerry Bell, 46, and Lorenzo Zavala, 34.

This accident took place near the Disney World resort in central Florida. The workers worked on site on the JW Marriott Orlando Bonnet Creek Resort, a $282 million project for a 16-story venture with 516 rooms from Marriott International. Although not a Disney property, other Disney resorts surround the new hotel. Marriott plans to complete the project in 2019.

The sheriff’s office and federal investigators examined the scene for the cause of the accident. The examination looked into why the scaffolding gave away.

As the family mourns the deaths of their beloved, the workers are shocked and confused by the incident wondering how the scaffolding can collapse. Lastly, the Marriott International spokesperson stated deep sadness by the tragic incident that took place.

If you or someone you know were involved in an accident with construction site, contact the Law Offices of R.F. Wittmeyer, Ltd. today for a free consultation.

Drive Safe Around Road Construction Crews

road construction

As you end to family functions or work, remember that you should not rush. Always leave a bit early. But we all have been in a situation where an unexpected construction zone appears. Frustration sets in and some of us experience some road rage. However, many car accidents occur in these work zones as drivers become distracted.

Recently, a 59-year-old certified flagger died after a driver hit him and his work van in the northbound lanes of I-294 just south of Touhy. This unfortunately accident cost a family a beloved member and the driver should have been driving at a reduced speed. These mistakes need to stay at the forefront of your mind as you head out the door.

Although Chicago summers traditionally have more construction, many projects continue into early fall. Stay safe while driving on our highways and remember that the men and women fixing the roads deserve your attention.

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Scaffold Injuries and Safety Precautions


Reports attribute over 40% of all fatalities in construction zones each year to falling hazards. Additionally, OSHA estimates that about 65% of all construction workers perform some work on scaffolds every year. With so many workers on scaffolding, staying safe remains important to reduce the risk of falling.

Unsafe scaffolding is a significant source of lawsuits by construction workers and their families. Many seek compensation for the death or personal injury of the worker.

One of the the key issues is if the scaffold is safe. OSHA has many different standards. To begin with, OSHA requires a “competent person” to perform many duties including,  among others,

  • selecting and direct employees who erect, dismantle, move, or alter scaffolds.
  • determining if it is safe for employees to work on or from a scaffold during storms or high winds
  • ensuring that a personal fall arrest system or wind screens protect these employees.
  • training employees, and
  • inspecting scaffolds and scaffold components for visible defects before each work shift

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