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While almost any type of workplace can offer accident risk or cause a work injury in Arlington Heights, an employer must take action to keep the risk as low as possible. It is the responsibility of the employer. Thousands of horrendous injuries and deaths occur at work and construction job sites across this country each year. Construction work is one of the most dangerous ways there is to make a living. Workers are unfortunately often subjected to unsafe work practices, defective equipment, and other unsafe job site conditions. Our Arlington Heights construction accident lawyers could help victims who have been injured by a myriad of construction site mishaps. Our workers’ compensation attorneys could advocate for you to get the compensation you need. En Español.

Common Causes of Construction Site Injuries

Workers should be properly trained in the operation of machinery, and the site properly managed according to legal standards.

Unfortunately, the list of potential construction site dangers is endless. Generally, most construction site accidents could have been prevented by the proper enforcement of safety practices. Unfortunately, this does not always happen, leading to problems, including:

  • Defective or collapsing scaffolds
  • Ladder injuries
  • Collapsing of walls or floors
  • Crane accidents
  • Defective hoists
  • Conveyor malfunction
  • Tractor injuries
  • Forklift accidents
  • Mining accidents
  • Elevator shaft falls
  • Defective ropes or cables
  • Falling
  • Other Heavy machinery mishaps
  • Being struck by an object such as a steel beam
  • Electrocution
  • Other Construction Accidents

Claims for injuries that occur at construction job sites are both complex and expensive to prosecute. Typically on any job site, multiple companies perform work or are otherwise involved on that job site. A personal injury lawyer who frequently handles job site cases will be familiar with various personnel typically involved in different projects, their function, and the possibility of their involvement in the particular activity involved in your case.

Also, there are various agreements and other documents that must be obtained and reviewed in order to determine who may be legally liable in any given case. A personal injury lawyer who handles construction accident cases will be familiar with standards from OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) and ANSI (American National Standards Institute), as well as other related standards, practices, and procedures.

What Claims Offer the Best Chance of Collecting Damages?

The one party that you cannot bring a lawsuit against for a construction accident is your direct employer. This is because of the workers compensation laws, which have been enacted in all fifty states. Workers compensation laws provide that a worker may only bring a worker’s compensation claim against his direct employer, and cannot file a lawsuit against the employer in the court system. We may also be able to help you and represent you in your worker’s compensation claim, but this is a separate claim outside of the court system, prosecuted instead at the industrial commission.

The worker’s compensation claim, if one is brought, generally is resolved first and the employer then has the right to recover a portion of the worker’s compensation benefits that have been paid in any lawsuit that is brought on your behalf against other, non- employer, Defendants. This is called a claim for reimbursement, lien, or subrogation. While you as the injured worker cannot sue your employer directly in a court of law, any of the Defendants whom we make a party to the lawsuit can sue your employer if your employer was partially at fault in causing your injuries. At least in Illinois, this is an allowable practice, and is called a third party action.

However, it is not uncommon for those who are harmed on the job to require more compensation to cover their expenses than their benefits provide. Our construction accident lawyers can help you make up he difference if we are able to identify the exact cause of your injuries and make a case for negligence against the responsible party. When the workers compensation benefits are not sufficient to cover your expenses, our attorneys will determine whether you can file a construction accident lawsuit for negligence or product liability against a company who may have played a role in your injury.

Types of Construction Accident Injuries in Arlington Heights

Although many of types of injuries can occur, many result due to injury from falling or from heavy objects. The most serious and horrific injuries include:

  • Head or brain injury
  • Neck, shoulder, and back injury
  • Broken bones, including legs, back, and arms
  • Electrocution from workplace negligence
  • Burns
  • Blindness or other injuries to your eyes
  • Illness caused by exposure to toxic chemicals

Unfortunately, construction work comes with lots of minor and major injuries. If you suffer any injury, seek medical attention. Even the smallest cut can become infected. If you do not seek medical attention immediately, you may find yourself with huge medical bills or many missed days at work. If you or someone you love has been injured on a construction job, a dedicated lawyer at our offices could provide guidance in the best way to approach the lawsuit.

Filing A Claim for an Arlington Heights Construction Accident

As is the case with any personal injury claim, there are strict, and relatively short, time limits in which a claim must be filed, known as statutes of limitations. Basically, a suit must be filed against all proper parties within the statute of limitations time, or the claim against any party not sued will be lost forever. Generally, any potential defendant who is not made a party to the lawsuit within the statute of limitations time period cannot be brought into the case later, assuming that a lawsuit is filed within the limitations period.

The general statute of limitations for personal injury cases in most states is two years; however, in some states the limitations period is one year. Also, shorter limitations periods apply for many governmental agencies. Do not think that you can wait until the eleventh hour to file a lawsuit in a construction accident case. An experienced attorney could ensure you file the proper paperwork on time.

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