Mr. Wittmeyer and staff are very knowledgeable, honest, and friendly to deal with. They will answer your questions and help you get the representation you need and deserve. They are very experienced and thorough with the cases they handle. I’m completely satisfied with their representation in my case. I would return in the future should the need ever occur again.

- Bob D.

Hi Ron, Just wanted to drop you a short note on to say how much we appreciate all of you and your firm did for our family. We want you to know that we truly appreciate all of your efforts on our case.

- Jim and Fran

Dear Ron, we’d like to thank you and the ladies in your office for all your hard work the past two years. We honestly never thought we’d see a dime from this case. And while it won’t replace the family we lost, it will help us to honor them with a memorial in their name. We appreciate all you did for us.

- Don and Carla

Dear Mr. Wittmeyer and Staff, thank you for being so caring and easy to talk to throughout my mother’s accident case.

- Dawn

Dear Mr. Wittmeyer, thanks again for all of your hard work. I appreciate all you did. We were very pleased with the outcome.

- Joan

I was referred to Atty Wittmeyer through a family friend after I had my car accident in 2013. He was great to work with and answered all my questions. He made sure I was aware of everything that was going on and understood all the legal terms. He was amazing at handling my case and I am extremely happy with the outcome. I would highly recommend him to anyone that would need a personal injury attorney.

- Mellisa S.

After my motorcycle accident, I was in a state of complete confusion. Like a lost child desperately searching for his mother, my mind could only timidly meander through the myriad of paths that laid ahead of me. Where would I begin? What lawful actions should and could I pursue? Who should I seek advice from? How could I possibly free myself from the wrongful accusation of the other driver? Not to mention the injuries I had suffered. My horrific health condition was just the icing on the cake.Dazed, overwhelmed, and a bit frustrated I was on the verge of a breakdown. As the thunderstorm looming over my head only seemed to grow, I heard the angels singing, the clouds open up, and a ray of sunshine shone down upon me. A life line came to me in the form of my neighbor; he introduced me to this law office. My neighbor had suffered from an accident while working and had been unjustly denied any restitution. By working with this lawyer, the process went along fairly quickly and smoothly; my neighbor was rightfully compensated. Although my neighbor’s anecdote gave me hope, I still harbored some lingering doubt. Regardless, I clutched onto my last lifeline and sought after the lawyer. And what a lifeline he proved to be. While he was relentless towards the opposition, he only treated me with respect and courtesy. He made sure to thoroughly and precisely explain each and every step of the lawsuit, not to mention his courteous consultations. He chased away any uncertainties I had with expert and tactful skills. Not only did he correct my injustice, but he also succeeded in receiving indemnities far beyond my expectations. Thanks to his determination, I was awarded material, psychological, and mental compensation without any headaches or troubles. Aside from the lawsuit, I gained a friend. Now I have the utmost confidence to seek the people of this firm out for any of my future legal problems. There is no doubt in my mind that this firm is by far the most credible and reliable team in the area!

- Joshua K.

I would like to thank the team at RF Wittmeyer. They are all team players and have a lot of experience in their field. When one is not available, another will step up and help you with whatever it is you may need, and the addition of Mr. Greg LaCost who I think is a great attorney because he will fight hard on your behalf. Let me tell you, this man would not give up on my case til the very end. They are all going to give it their all. Take my word.

- Alex Ortiz

I am very pleased to heartily recommend the Wittmeyer Law Office for personal injury representation. In my 47 years as a Criminal Trial Lawyer, I have long ago learned the value of advocating for others with preparation, professionalism and integrity by a Lawyer who really cares about the client, and the outcome of a case. Ron Wittmeyer fits all these important, and necessary, skills. My office has referred many clients to Ron, and I have never been disappointed in the work ethic nor the results of their cases. In my follow-up with the clients, I hear the same glowing compliments, beginning with a kind bedside manner, phone calls that are always promptly returned, and right decisions that are made for right reasons. Ron and his Associated practice law the way it is supposed to be practiced. I know this to be true on a personal basis: they represented me.

- Ernie Blomquist

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