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Wisconsin Statute of Limitations Chart

Type of cause of action Time in which lawsuit must be filed from the date of accrual of cause of action (Generally, the date the injury occurs)
Personal injury (generally) 3 years
Wrongful death generally 3 years
but Wrongful Death in MVA 2 years
Minor 2 years after the minor’s 18th birthday – in other words, on their 20th birthday
Minor  In medical malpractice, must bring an action within the SOL timelines of a medical malpractice case for adults, or by the time the minor reaches 10 years of age, whichever is later.
Contracts 6 years
PI against state Notice must be given to state, county, or any subdivision of the government within 120 days of the event occurring. Generally, the claimant will have 6 months to file a lawsuit after the government has reviewed the notice, subject to many exceptions.
Action against school Same as above
Worker’s compensation Actual notice to the employer within 30 days of either the occurrence of injury or within 30 days of when the employee knew or ought to have known the nature of his/ her disability and the fact that it was work-related. Filing of the claim has SOL of 6 years for claims after March 2016; 12 years for claims before March 2016.
Dram shop No separate SOL. Dram shop immunity applies in most situations
UM/UIM UM is 3 years from date of accident, UIM is 3 years after the final resolution of the underlying case


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