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Awarded to body shop worker who suffered a permanent eye injury while working with air-powered tool, when an airhose coupling malfunctioned, causing air hose coupling to strike him in the eye.


Awarded to several members of family who were severely injured in traffic collision with school bus


Recovered by family for wrongful death of family member, when plumber negligently set building on fire while making plumbing repairs with blow torch.


Awarded to construction worker who suffered a career-ending, permanent shoulder injury requiring multiple surgeries, after being struck by debris when construction crane dropped an I beam.


Recovered by woman, whose SUV rolled over after she was run off the expressway by a tractor trailer, and who suffered permanent neck injuries.


Awarded to woman who suffered career-ending, permanent ankle injuries and who developed CRPS and PTSD, after being attacked by dog at party.


Awarded to woman who required shoulder replacement surgery after falling and suffering shoulder injury at a negligently supervised ice rink facility.


Awarded to construction worker who fell from the second floor and suffered a permanent foot injury, when a subcontractor negligently failed to properly reattach a protective handrail.


Awarded to man who suffered a permanent shoulder injury after slipping and falling on an unnatural accumulation of ice in the driveway of his condo building.


Awarded to man who suffered permanent hip and shoulder injuries after being hit on his bicycle by another bike rider who was riding the wrong way and without lights, down a suburban street after dark.

R.F. Wittmeyer

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