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Firm Activities

Firm Activities

We work hard for good outcomes for our clients, and that starts with teamwork. Our Firm Activities allow us to catch our breath and learn more about each other. From traditional holiday luncheons to summer gatherings to celebrating our hardworking building engineer, it’s the people and our community that our story begins with. And you will see us celebrate that every day.

RF Wittmeyer Holiday Luncheon

Our holiday firm luncheons are a long-standing tradition. Over the years, our team traditionally celebrated with a fabulous luncheon at a favorite local restaurant, or in the midst of covid, we pivoted to Zoom parties. But no matter how we celebrated, we celebrated our team.

Lexitas Boat Cruise

Picture a beautiful summer evening spent cruising down the Chicago River amid towering skyscrapers and historical sights. This event has been an annual treat from our friends at Lexitas. It’s a teambuilding event at its best, allowing our team to catch their breath while learning more about their coworkers.

Arlington Park Outings

What a privilege we have had with the famous Arlington Park Racecourse in our backyard. For many summers, our office would spend an afternoon at this historic racetrack learning about the rich traditions and etiquette of horse betting. Our team had many approaches to their wagers — some studied the horses, some were chosen by the jockey, and some won with just pure luck. And, most likely, too many bets just went to the house. But, it always had been a favored day rich in tradition, history, and even some old Southern etiquette for our team.

Paralegal Appreciation Day

This is a day where we celebrated our stellar paralegals. Alongside every attorney are many other team members working in the care of our clients. We are fortunate to have dedicated paralegals who do just that. They are highly organized, pay close attention to detail, and have strong communication skills, to name a few traits. These team members are heavily relied on, so we took a moment to celebrate “Friends” style. We ordered some fabulous Thai food, set the computers and tasks aside for a moment, and feted them with warm words from Attorney Wittmeyer.

RFW Office Retirements

Wishing a happy retirement to any of our key employees is bittersweet.. But the honor of having had them on our team is something we are ever grateful for, as they have always worked diligently and responsibly for our clients. Here, Ron celebrates with three of our now-retired, longtime team members – Lois (employed 29 yrs), Rhonda (employed 16 yrs), and Patricia (employed 13 yrs). Happy retirement ladies, and thank you all for your many years of dedicated service with our firm

Meet us at Hey Nonny?

Live Music? Hometown Business? Great food, drinks, and staff? That’s Hey Nonny! We are proud to support this fun and creative business that brings an outstanding array of talent to our hometown. So much so that we sponsor the HeyDay Happy Hour every Friday, and on occasion, you will find our team in attendance and raffling off a prize or two. We are also proud sponsors of the annual Hey Nonny Songwriting Contest – held in September.

Phil’s 90th

Ever met a legend? In our building, we truly have one. Phil. He’s our building’s engineer. He’s one of a kind. A couple of years ago, we celebrated Phil’s 90th birthday. Although this was right in the middle of the pandemic, we still had fun celebrating our dear friend’s momentous day. In addition to taking great care of all of the tenants in our building, Phil still regularly pays golf, and rides his bike. Our suitemates decorated their offices; we all supplied cookies and refreshments. He even had some surprise visitors — his kids! And to top it off, we had some local news coverage to celebrate this fabulous day

RFW Summer Hooky Day

Road trip! One of our attorneys has been busy the past few years turning a dated lake house into a modern beautiful summer home. Of course, when we heard this, we knew we needed to see his handiwork. This original road trip has now become a new tradition for our team. We also team it with a nearby riverboat cruise and lunch to give all our hardworking staff time for some respite too.

RFW Family Picnic Day

This year’s office picnic literally had young (2 months old) to, well, even older participants. Our team brought many delicious dishes to pass, with a stellar homemade potato salad stealing the show. The traditional picnic games, of course, were included, from egg toss to bags. And the littlest ones made out like bandits with their prizes. It was a wonderful summer day and a chance for our family members to finally put names to faces.

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