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Boating is a popular summertime activity in Racine. In addition to water activities on Lake Michigan, southeastern Wisconsin has many lakes and rivers that offer motorboating, fishing, and kayaking to people of all ages. Unfortunately, this activity could pose significant risks to boaters.

People in control of boats are obligated to protect others from harm. Failure to provide this protection could make watercraft operators and their insurance companies liable for all damages.

If you suffered an injury because of the poor decisions of a boater, a Racine boat accident lawyer at the Law Offices of R.F. Wittmeyer, Ltd. could help. Our skilled injury attorneys can work to explain your rights, gather evidence concerning the accident, and evaluate how the incident has impacted your life.

How do Boating Accidents Occur?

Operating a watercraft comes with responsibilities. Any time a person takes a boat out onto a public waterway, they assume a duty to protect others around them. For example, boaters must refrain from speeding, follow the appropriate traffic signs, and focus on what is around them.

However, boating accidents are usually the result of people failing to take proper precautions. A boater who violates the rules in a specific area or becomes distracted is liable for any damage they cause. A knowledgeable attorney in Racine could explain more about unsafe boating and gather evidence of negligent boater practices.

Seeking Proper Payments After Watercraft Accidents

Proving that a boater was at fault for a collision is only one part of a successful claim. It is also necessary to demonstrate how that incident has impacted a victim’s life.

Boat crashes can result in severe injuries. For example, a spinning propeller can result in deep cuts or amputations. Watercraft collisions can also lead to broken bones, separated joints, and concussions. Even worse, victims face the threat of drowning. Fortunately, a legal representative can demand compensation to cover the costs of all necessary medical care.

At-fault boaters are responsible for providing payments for all damage that they cause. These damages may stretch beyond physical injuries. Many victims of boating accidents in Racine experience severe pain, emotional traumas, or lost income due to being left unable to work. A hardworking lawyer could work to evaluate the true value of a case to demand appropriate payments.

Statute of Limitations

Finally, legal representatives will fight to ensure that a case satisfies the state’s statute of limitations, which controls when a court may consider a claim for damages after a personal injury. Pursuant to Wisconsin Statute § 893.54, the time limit on these cases is three years from the date of injury. Therefore, acting quickly is an essential part of a watercraft collision lawsuit.

Contact a Racine Boat Accident Attorney Immediately

Injuries that occur on Racine’s waterways are far too common. Boaters who speed, fail to follow navigational buoys, or drive drunk place other people at serious risk of harm. If you or a loved one have suffered an injury because of these behaviors, you deserve the payment you need to set things right.

A Racine boat accident lawyer may be able to help you. Our attorneys can investigate the incident and discover how another party’s poor decisions led to an accident. Our legal team members can also help measure your losses and seek fair payments from boaters and their insurance companies. Contact us today to take a step toward protecting your legal rights.

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