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No parent expects to get a call that their child was hurt in an accident. While parents do their best to ensure their child’s safety every day, accidents still occur. Many risks come with swimming, playing sports, and other activities kids frequently enjoy. That said, when someone else’s negligence causes your child to suffer an injury, they should be held accountable.

When your child gets hurt while in someone else’s care, a skilled injury attorney at the Law Offices of R.F. Wittmeyer, Ltd. could help you seek compensation. Get in touch with a Racine personal injury lawyer about your rights and potential damages for your child’s injuries.

Common Causes of Child Injuries in Wisconsin

Unfortunately, most child injuries happen during everyday activities. Children often cannot identify dangers, so the adults watching them must do what they can to prevent accidents or injuries. Common accidents among young children involve injuries sustained at pools, car accidents, dog bites, sports injuries, and medical malpractice.

When your child is hurt in an accident, they are at a high risk of sustaining a severe injury. A fall or sports injury could cause a brain injury like a concussion or broken and fractured bones. A swimming pool accident can also lead to brain damage or even death.

When left unattended, your child could be electrocuted by an exposed outlet or burnt by a hot surface. When you leave your children in the care of teachers, daycares, and other caretakers, you should expect they are safe. Sadly, accidents often occur at these facilities. When they do, a skilled attorney in Racine could fight to determine who is responsible for your child’s injuries and build a case against them.

Preventing Child Injuries

While you cannot always protect your child from danger, you can take steps to ensure their safety when you are not around. Talking with your children about their safety and explaining how important wearing a seatbelt or helmet is could save their life.

Children should only be left in the care of someone trustworthy. Additionally, checking the child’s surroundings to eliminate potential dangers is critical. Although not all accidents can be avoided, many child injuries are preventable with proper supervision and safety precautions. To learn more about steps to prevent your child from getting hurt, contact our knowledgeable lawyers in Racine.

Compensation in Child Injury Cases

Under Wisconsin law, parents or legal guardians can recover financial compensation on behalf of their child who suffered injuries due to someone else’s negligence. Depending on the cause of the accident, caretakers, schools, and other entities may bear responsibility for your child’s injuries.

Through a successful personal injury lawsuit, you can collect payments for the cost of your child’s medical care, including physician visits, surgeries, physical therapy, or medication. In some cases, you can collect the income you lost while caring for your child. The court will also consider non-economic losses such as emotional trauma, pain, and suffering. A hardworking lawyer in Racine could collect the evidence needed to prove your case and demand maximum compensation.

Hire a Child Injury Attorney in Racine for Help

Hiring a Racine child injury lawyer to represent you is crucial when your child is injured. When you retain a trusted personal injury lawyer to fight for your child’s rights, you can focus on their recovery. While we understand that no amount of compensation can undo the harm your child suffered, the medical expenses you face may be daunting.

Speak with a personal injury attorney in Wisconsin about your legal options. Our experienced litigators have over 30 years of experience. They can fiercely represent you in a lawsuit against the party responsible for your child’s injuries or negotiate with insurance companies to ensure you get an adequate settlement. Do not hesitate to contact our office when you have questions about an injury your child suffered.

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