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A rear-end car crash is one of the most common types of traffic collision in Kenosha. These accidents usually occur when a motorist slows down or stops at a light and the driver behind them hits the back of their vehicle.

Often, this kind of auto crash results from inattentive or distracted driving. Tailgating—when a driver follows the vehicle in front of them too closely—can also contribute to traffic pileups. If you were injured in a rear-end car accident in Kenosha, contact a skilled local attorney to discuss options for holding the negligent motorist responsible.

Common Causes of Rear-End Crashes

The root cause of a rear-end collision is often a driver who is distracted or not paying careful enough attention to the road. Many of these traffic wrecks can be prevented by practicing defensive driving, which includes following the vehicle in front at a safe distance and abiding by the speed limit. Motorists may also slow or stop suddenly without warning, so it is important to remain vigilant and reactive when behind the wheel.

However, there are a number of distractions and behaviors that commonly contribute to rear-end accidents in Kenosha. These include:

  • Talking on the phone
  • Texting
  • Using Facebook, Google, or other phone applications
  • Tailgating

Although all of these careless driving practices are ill-advised, certain actions, such as texting while driving, are illegal under Wisconsin and federal laws. A person who is rear-ended in Kenosha by a distracted motorist should contact an experienced attorney to advise on options for civil recovery.

Frequent Sites of Rear-End Collisions in Kenosha

Many rear-end car accidents occur at rush hour, both in the morning and evening. Due to the bumper to bumper traffic on many Kenosha thoroughfares such as I-94 or Route 50, these crowded roadways may see more traffic pileups and collisions involving rear-ending.

High-Traffic Bumper Crashes

Additionally, Kenosha is a growing community in which many local residents work in Illinois. The high commuter rate within the Kenosha, Pleasant Prairie, and Racine areas also increases the number of vehicles on the major roads. When people are in a hurry on their way to work in heavy traffic, vehicles may be traveling at high speeds with little space between them, giving drivers a small window of reaction time if someone up ahead hits the brakes.

Rear-End Wrecks on Rural Roads

Although crowded highways are frequent sites of rear-end collisions, traveling in the countryside may also be just as dangerous, especially at night. Drivers often make sudden stops for deer or other animals in the road, and low street lighting can lead one motorist to crash into the back of another vehicle that they did not see. Hazardous weather conditions such as snow and ice can also contribute to these types of accidents on rural streets.

Because these factors are unfortunately common in rear-end collisions, injured victims should contact a local attorney with experience handling similar cases.

Who is at Fault in Rear-End Traffic Accidents?

Typically, it is presumed that the driver of the following car in a rear-end wreck has a duty to be in full control of their vehicle at all times. However, if the front car did something unexpected or careless, such as change lanes on a busy Kenosha road without signaling, a skilled litigator could argue on a plaintiff’s behalf that there was nothing they could do to avoid the rear-ending.

Contributory Negligence in Kenosha

Sometimes the drivers of both front and rear vehicles contribute to a traffic collision. In Wisconsin, contributory negligence would then apply to any rear-end car crash claim made by a plaintiff and their attorney. This means that the plaintiff must be found less negligent than the defendant to recover damages from them.

However, any injured victim who is partially responsible for their accident will have their potential claim award reduced depending on their degree of fault. For example, if a plaintiff is found to be 20 percent negligent and the other party accounts for 80 percent, they can still seek compensation from the more at-fault driver but their recovery will be reduced by 20 percent.

Reach Out to a Kenosha Attorney for Rear-End Car Accident Claims

Whether you were rear-ended or the driver in front of you caused your collision due to their reckless and erratic behavior, a dedicated attorney could advise you on a potential claim for recovery. The Law Offices of R.F. Wittmeyer, Ltd. have over thirty years of experience arguing on behalf of injured victims in these types of cases.

If you were hurt in a rear-end car accident in Kenosha, contact a trusted legal advocate for a free consultation on your situation. Call today to learn about our no-recovery, no-fee policy and find out how we could help you with zero upfront cost.

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