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If you need help seeking medical treatment after a Kenosha car accident, consider contacting a personal injury attorney that is familiar in managing these claims. A knowledgeable lawyer can assist you in finding medical resources, prepare you to face the insurance companies, and examine your case for recoverable damages.

Receiving medical care when you need it could help you feel healthier as well as provide proof for a case for compensation. Do not hesitate to visit a doctor immediately after you experience a collision.

Seek Medical Treatment Immediately

If an individual who has been in a vehicle collision contacts a local attorney’s office, legal professionals will first tell the client to get themselves immediate medical attention right away. This is because sometimes, when a person is injured, they may not think they are hurt very badly so they do not seek any further medical treatment after their initial hospital emergency visit.

Unfortunately, after an accident, the injured person may think their pain will go away in a few days, but it does not disappear. They may let it go on for weeks hoping that it goes away, but it could persist or even become more painful.

Gapping Treatment

It is important to seek medical treatment in Kenosha as soon after a car accident as possible because an insurance company can use the hesitation to their advantage. For example, a victim may have had pain originating in their neck when they start to experience headaches after a while as well. They try to struggle through work, but, after a few months, they cannot take the pain anymore. If a person finally goes for medical treatment then, and this is what an insurance company calls a gapping treatment.

The insurance company may look into any gap in treatment and separate the injury that somebody is currently dealing with from the vehicle collision, so that they do not have to pay for the person’s medical care. The plaintiff and their local attorney will have to prove causation, or the connection between the auto collision and the injury in order to recover compensation for the medical treatment.

Why is it Important to be Thorough About the Medical Examination in Kenosha?

It is important the victim tells the doctor everything that has been bothering them since the accident happened, whether it is their knees, neck, back, arms, or jaw. Even the smallest pain that may not seem very severe in the beginning is worth mentioning because it could turn out to be a problem later on. It is also important to follow-up on medical treatment with their personal physician and get physical therapy if that is recommended by the initial doctor.

Medical Management

When a client hires a lawyer, the legal advisor’s goal should be to regularly communicate with them to see that they followed up with their doctor’s orders. This is called medical management.

There are a few reasons why the legal advisor will follow up with the client after they seek interest in filing a car accident claim. First of all, the advisor wants the individual to seek treatment to recover from those injuries as soon as possible before the injuries are exacerbated by waiting. Secondly, the doctor will document their injuries, which can provide proof in a claim against the defendant.

Another reason the Kenosha legal team will follow up is because they do not want their client to deal with the adverse insurance company. Instead, they should have somebody who is looking out for their best interests, such as an experienced personal injury lawyer.

If the individual truly has no injuries or pain and they are able to return to work, they should not create issues in order to start a claim. Victims of car accidents should not make up injuries, but if someone is truly suffering, a legal team in the area can shed the best light on their case possible.

Contact an Attorney When Seeking Medical Treatment After a Kenosha Car Accident

When people wait months after their crash to contact an attorney, chances are that they may have already done something to hurt their case. Our personal injury lawyers will do the best they can to manage your case and seek a favorable outcome, but a person will always have better chances at recovery if they contact us right after their accident.

The Law Offices of R.F. Wittmeyer, Ltd. focuses on personal injury. That is the only law we practice, and we have experience in helping people seek medical treatment after a Kenosha car accident. Contact us to learn more about filing a claim today.

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