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Most employers are required to provide workers’ compensation insurance. These plans are meant to cover the costs of all necessary medical care in the event of a workplace injury or disease. Workers’ compensation can also provide cash benefits to those who are left unable to work due to a serious employment-related condition.

However, collecting these benefits can be complicated. Insurance companies often dispute compensation claims to avoid paying injured workers. If you were harmed in an employment-related incident, a Kenosha workers’ compensation lawyer could help you understand state labor laws and protect your rights. At the Law Offices of R.F. Wittmeyer, Ltd., our dedicated attorneys are here to fight for the benefits you deserve.

When Does Workmen’s Compensation Insurance Apply?

Under state law, all workplaces that employ at least three workers must have workers’ compensation insurance. This insurance provides payments for medical care to treat workplace injuries, as well as cash benefits to workers unable to return to the job. However, a successful workers’ compensation claim must satisfy specific requirements under the insurance policy.

According to Wisconsin Statutes § 102.03, workers’ compensation coverage applies to all injuries or illnesses that a worker sustains while performing their job duties. In other words, insurance coverage only applies if a worker was on the clock and doing their job.

Companies may try to argue that an injury occurred outside of a person’s scope of employment, or that horseplay contributed to the accident. A workers’ compensation attorney could help a Kenosha employee demonstrate that the coverage applies to their situation.

Workers’ Comp Disputes and Hearings

Workers and insurance companies often dispute whether an injury falls under the plan’s terms and what the appropriate benefits are. Regardless of the source of a dispute, employees always have the option to request a hearing.

A hearing involves an Administrative Law Judge examining the case from a fresh perspective. The judge will hear testimony and examine documentation to make a determination on the worker’s right to benefits. A diligent lawyer at the Law Offices of R.F. Wittmeyer, Ltd. could represent a Kenosha employee before and during their workers’ comp hearing to assist with the presentation of evidence and argue on their behalf.

What Benefits are Available under Workers’ Comp?

Every workers’ compensation plan offers two main benefits. The first is the payment of all medical bills associated with the workplace illness or injury. This includes:

  • Emergency care
  • Hospitalizations
  • Rehabilitation

The second benefit is cash to cover situations involving either temporary incapacity or permanent disabilities. One of our skilled attorneys in the area could help a worker to determine which benefits they are entitled to receive under their employer’s compensation plan.

Work with a Kenosha Workers’ Compensation Attorney on Your Claim

Most employees in Kenosha and throughout the state are protected under a workers’ compensation insurance plan. These plans provide payments for medical care and wage reimbursement after a workplace injury or illness. Unfortunately, insurance companies and employers may dispute whether an injury qualifies for benefits. When this occurs, employees must act quickly to protect their rights.

At the Law Offices of R.F. Wittmeyer, Ltd., a Kenosha workers’ compensation lawyer could serve as your legal advocate. Our attorneys are skilled at gathering facts concerning the injury and assessing how it has affected your life. Legal counsel could also assist with insurance company negotiations or formal hearings before an Administrative Law Judge. Contact our firm today to discuss how we could help you seek out the payments you deserve.

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