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Whether you are jumping on your Harley Davidson for a nice summer ride or traveling to work every day on one, motorcycle accidents are extremely dangerous. Outside of a helmet and specially designed clothing, nothing protects you from other vehicles, or from the road itself in the event of a crash.

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Motorcycle Crash Statistics in Kenosha

Every year, thousands of crashes take place in Wisconsin, resulting in an average of 75 deaths per year. Additionally, statistics show that most motorcycle crashes occur on local roads. 25% of motorcyclists involved in fatal crashes wore helmets compared to 54% who did not wear helmets. Lastly, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, motorcycles are about 28 times as likely as passenger car occupants to die in a motor vehicle traffic crash.

A knowledgeable motorbike accident lawyer in Kenosha understands the primary reasons behind a wreck and could help to determine who is to blame.

Common Causes of Motorbike Wrecks

As the skilled Kenosha attorneys at our motorcycle accident law firm could explain, several factors usually come into play in a motorbike crash claim. These include:

  • Because of their size, in many instances, other drivers fail to observe motorcyclists. Even when you may be paying close attention to the road and being very defensive, other drivers may not see you.
  • Motorcycles can become harder to control during rough weather. Kenosha can experience lots of difficult weather for motorcyclists, and sometimes all in one day. Wet roads, snow and ice, and debris can make it difficult to apply the brakes or to travel safely.
  • Many motorcyclists fail to wear a helmet. A majority of the fatal accidents involving a motorcycle involve a motorcyclist who did not wear a safety helmet.
  • As with other accidents, distracted driving is on the rise. However, without the layers of safety that many passenger vehicles have, a motorcyclist can be seriously injured by a driver who is texting.

Who Is Liable in a Motorbike Accident Case?

To file an injury claim, it must be established that another party is liable based on the facts of the situation. The process will include a full investigation. An experienced motorcycle accident law firm in Kenosha can help you collect all of the information you need to determine if another driver’s negligence caused your injuries.

Do I Need a Lawyer for a Motorbike Crash?

Due to the nature of many motorcycle accidents, you or your loved one may have suffered significant and life-altering injuries. Unfortunately, in some instances, the accident may have caused a death. These serious circumstances can lead to difficult situations and complex legal cases. Fortunately, an experienced motorbike accident attorney could work to recover full compensation on your behalf.

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