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Some of the most dangerous collisions occur when a car fails to slow or stop for another vehicle that has right of way. However, these cases can also be difficult to prove in civil court without assistance from a skilled car accident lawyer. Although a driver’s violation of a traffic sign or signal may seem like a strong indication of fault, these accidents can occur in various ways and are not always so clear-cut.

Victims of failure to yield car accidents in Elgin should work with a legal team with experience handling these types of cases. At the Law Offices of R.F. Wittmeyer, our attorneys have over thirty years of experience helping injured victims recover compensation for their losses.

How do Failure to Yield Collisions Occur?

The most obvious scenario for this type of accident is when a driver ignores or does not see a yield sign. This typically occurs at intersections or on-ramps for expressways. However, there are many situations where a driver is expected to yield to oncoming traffic even if there is no traffic sign. Our legal team frequently handles the following types of failure to yield collisions in Elgin.

Failing to Yield While Turning

Many of these wrecks occur when a driver is trying to make a left turn at an intersection. Without a designated green arrow, a left-turning driver must yield to oncoming traffic. If they fail this duty, they could be held responsible for an ensuing collision.

On the other hand, if a driver has a left-turn arrow, any motorists making a right-hand turn from the opposite direction must yield. Even if the intersection allows for right turns on a red light, a driver must watch for cars turning on a designated green arrow before proceeding.

Parking Lot Collisions

Motorists who are pulling out of a parking lot also have a duty to yield. For instance, a car may be trying to exit a parking lot at the same time that a vehicle in the median is trying to turn in. Generally, the rules of the road are that the vehicle in the median has right of way and the other driver must yield to them.

Yielding on Yellow Lights

Many failure to yield accidents occur when a traffic light is changing. Even if the light turns yellow while a driver is waiting in the intersection to make a turn, they still must yield to oncoming traffic. It can be difficult to establish the specific timing in these scenarios, so a skilled attorney will often rely on independent witnesses to establish the facts of a case involving a failure to yield on yellow.

Duty for Drivers to Yield to Pedestrians

Different cities and states have different rules regarding right of way for pedestrians. In most places, cars must yield to any people in a crosswalk. However, these situations can become tricky for failure to yield accidents that involving jaywalking or crossing on red. Anyone involved in a collision after a failure to yield to pedestrians should consult a skilled attorney in the area to learn the local regulations.

Move Over Laws in Elgin

A fairly recent rule known as the “move over law” establishes a driver’s duty for yielding when there is an emergency vehicle. If there is a vehicle on the shoulder with its warning lights flashing, drivers must shift over to the lane furthest away from it. If they cannot safely do so, drivers must at least slow down when passing.

Many people are unaware of this requirement, although it is present in all 50 states. If there is a collision and a driver failed to yield or change lanes according to the move over law, they could be ticketed by the police. This could also lead to liability in any ensuing civil cases. A knowledgeable attorney at our firm could further explain these rules and how they may impact a failure to yield car crash case.

Consult a Lawyer on Failure to Yield Car Accidents in Elgin

If you were injured because another driver did not yield to you, discuss your case with an experienced attorney at the Law Offices of R.F. Wittmeyer, Ltd. Our legal team is skilled at gathering evidence and building strong cases for compensation on behalf of injured victims. Failure to yield car accidents in Elgin can be difficult to recover from in civil court without assistance from a lawyer who understands the local right of way laws. Call us today to learn how we could help in your situation.

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