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How to Drive Safely in Fog

Fog is a thick, low-lying cloud formed as the air cools and condensed water droplets form. Although most commonly found along the coast, you can experience fog in Illinois during times of temperature fluctuation and especially along the lake.

Typically worst in the morning and at night, fog reduces visibility to below 1km (about .63 miles.) The best way to avoid the dangers of driving in fog is to avoid morning and evening trips. But if you do have to drive in the fog, keep these safety tips in mind to reduce your risk of getting in an accident.

Slow Down

Driving at posted speed limits in fog is dangerous. Your visibility is compromised, so slow down. Giving yourself more time to stop is the best way to avoid accidents in the fog.

Use Low-Beams, Not High-Beams

The water droplets in fog reflect and spread light. High beams can affect your visibility—and that of other drivers— by reflecting light. Your low beams and fog lights will not reflect light back at eye level but will help keep the road in front of you visible.

Stay Alert and Ready for Anything

Reduce distractions, and roll down your window to listen for cars if you can’t see them. Pull over if your visibility is so low that you can’t see the road. Drive with extreme caution and only when you have to.

Remember; it’s not just you out there in on the road. Other drivers, pedestrians, bicyclists, and even wild animals can increase your risk of getting in an accident. To make matters worse, factors like fog and ice can potentially make determining liability more difficult.

You should speak with an attorney if you’ve been injured in an accident. A knowledgeable Arlington Heights auto accident attorney can help you through the complicated process of filing an insurance claim, establishing liability, and seeking fair compensation for your losses.

Fall in Illinois is beautiful and meant to be enjoyed. Don’t let fog and inclement weather keep you from enjoying a drive. Keep the above tips in mind when driving through the fog to keep yourself and others on the road safe.

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