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Anyone who has ever experienced the death of a close family member understands how difficult it is to settle their relative’s affairs while grieving. When your relative dies because of another person’s misconduct, and you want to pursue a civil claim against the responsible party, you must gather crucial evidence proving their liability.

Gathering evidence in Elgin wrongful death claims can be stressful under even the most favorable circumstances, and given the high stakes of these cases, you should not handle these matters alone. Instead, consider reaching out to a knowledgeable wrongful death attorney who could help you find and incorporate relevant evidence into your claim.

Death Certificate and Autopsy Reports

While it might seem redundant to surviving family members, formally verifying that someone died is crucial when collecting evidence in Elgin for a wrongful death claim. This can only be done with a coroner-verified death certificate issued by the Division of Vital Records within the Illinois Department of Public Health.

When the unlawful death stems from someone else’s criminal act, it is also important to get copies of police reports related to the death—as well as autopsy reports if available—to establish the cause and nature of death.

Medical Records and Documentation

When someone suffers a fatal injury because of another person’s actions but does not immediately pass away from their injuries, documentation like medical bills and treatment reports could be vital to recovering for related expenses and losses. Alternatively, when a wrongful death stems from misconduct by a medical professional, the decedent’s medical records could be used as vital evidence in a civil claim in Elgin.

Testimony From Witnesses and Cameras

It will be impossible to recover money for a wrongful death unless the people pursuing a claim can prove the responsible party was legally negligent. Statements from witnesses to a fatal accident or criminal act can be essential in this regard, as can photo and video evidence like pictures of an accident scene or surveillance camera footage.

Financial Statements and Pay Stubs

That said, not all evidence incorporated into wrongful death lawsuits in Elgin is meant to help establish fault for the wrongful death. They are meant to establish the existence and value of specific losses suffered by the decedent’s surviving family members.

For example, recovering for loss of future financial support will require evidence like pay stubs, tax returns, and other documentation showing how much income the decedent was bringing in. You should also show the income they would have been expected to provide to dependent family members had they survived and recovered from their injuries.

Seek Help with Gathering Evidence for a Wrongful Death Claim from an Elgin Attorney

No two wrongful death cases are exactly alike, and what is crucial evidence for someone else’s claim may be entirely irrelevant to yours. What is consistent through most lawsuits is that the assistance of dedicated legal counsel can make a huge difference in how you can collect the information you need.

Gathering evidence for Elgin wrongful death claims is one of many aspects of the case process one of our lawyers could discuss in more detail during an initial consultation. Call the Law Offices of R.F. Wittmeyer, Ltd. today to schedule yours.

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