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After a serious collision with a truck, you may be suffering from injuries and various financial burdens. If your accident was caused by another negligent party, you deserve compensation for these losses. However, it can be difficult to successfully work with insurance companies and navigate the legal system without dedicated assistance from a skilled attorney.

At the Law Offices of R.F. Wittmeyer, Ltd., we have significant experience handling tractor-trailer crashes and recovering compensation for injured victims. We know how to pursue recoverable damages after an Elgin truck accident and could handle your claim while you focus on getting the medical treatment you need.

Types of Damages in Tractor-Trailer Collision Cases

There are two main types of damages that truck accident victims may pursue in a civil claim: economic and non-economic. Depending on the severity of injuries, the value of these damages will increase to reflect the impact on a victim’s life.

Economic Damages

Economic damages are losses that have a price tag attached to them. This typically includes medical bills, property damage, wage loss, and anything else that has an objective monetary value. If a victim’s injuries are long-lasting and affect their ability to work, an attorney with experience handling truck accident damages could also help them pursue compensation for a loss of earning potential.

Non-Economic Losses

Non-economic damages are those that do not have a specific monetary value. This could include pain and suffering, loss of consortium, and loss of a normal life. It is difficult to calculate the value of pain and suffering, so injured truck crash victims should work with a dedicated attorney at our Elgin office when considering non-economic damages. Our lawyers could work to convince insurance adjusters or a jury of the full impact that a truck crash had on a victim’s life.

Punitive Damages

Like the name suggests, punitive damages are meant to punish the defendant for intentional, willful, wanton, or fraudulent actions. In a truck accident case, a dedicated attorney might help seek punitive damages for behavior like intentional rear-ending or drunk driving. However, punitive damages are rare and must be awarded in a jury trial. Usually, insurance companies will not consider punitive damages in settlement discussions.

What Truck Accident Damages Do Auto Insurance Cover?

This varies for the truck driver’s insurance versus the injured victim’s insurance. The truck driver’s insurance usually will cover economic and non-economic damages. However, there is often an exclusion for intentional acts or even DUIs.

An injured victim may have underinsured motorist coverage to provide compensation if the other driver does not have insurance or does not have enough to cover the damages. A knowledgeable attorney at our Elgin office could further explain how and when to use personal insurance to cover damages for a truck collision.

Consult an Elgin Lawyer on Recoverable Damages after a Truck Accident

Once an injured victim retains a lawyer at our firm, the first thing we do is connect with the insurance company to let them know that we will be handling the case for them. From there, we make sure that the client is getting the right type of medical treatment for their injuries. Some conditions are not immediately apparent and may worsen over time.

Our attorneys have seen the kind of damage that truck accidents can do, and we can use our experience to recommend doctors and diagnostics that may help. At the Law Offices of R.F. Wittmeyer, Ltd., we could pursue compensation for your medical bills and other losses while you focus on healing. To learn more about recoverable damages after an Elgin truck accident, give us a call today.

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