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When a building crumbles or falls down, it can cause catastrophic or even fatal injuries to anyone in the vicinity. Sadly, most of these incidents could have been prevented by implementing proper safety protocols.

If you or a family member suffered injury because of an unsafe structure, contact an Elgin building collapse lawyer to see who could be held liable for your losses. At the Law Offices of R.F. Wittmeyer, our hardworking premises liability attorneys are here to help you through this traumatic experience.

Causes of Structural Collapses

Building collapses present novel legal issues because they can happen purposefully, through demolition practices, or accidentally, in construction mishaps. As such, an attorney’s strategy in pursuing a claim on behalf of an injured Elgin resident will depend on the specific facts of the collapsed building. Some of the most common reasons for structural disintegration include:

  • Lack of safety protocols: construction sites must abide by safety regulations to prevent injury, fires, and other environmental hazards
  • Ceiling collapse: these breakdowns could occur due to water damage, mold, or other similar faults
  • Engineering failure: architectural mistakes or missed flaws in the structure during inspections could lead to collapse
  • Poorly placed construction materials: improper materials could jeopardize a building’s foundation
  • Improper demolition practices: demolition jobs require proper safety measures to prevent serious harm
  • Poor building maintenance: derelict buildings often pose risks of fire, infestation, and foundational hazards as materials decay from neglect over time

Potential Defendants in a Building Breakdown Claim

Identifying who could be responsible for a victim’s injury depends upon the nature of the building collapse. While no amount of money can replace a lost limb or justify any fatality, pursuing compensation from an at-fault party may help ease a victim’s financial burden. These funds can assist with medical bills, lost wages, healthcare equipment, and home modifications in traumatic cases. An experienced attorney could help an Elgin resident seek recovery for their injuries from several potentially liable parties.

Engineers and Architects

The public relies upon engineers and architects to ensure that a building is both safe and structurally operational. As such, they may be responsible for a structural breakdown if they made an error in the design process.

Property Owners

Land and property owners owe a duty of care to those that are allowed on their premises. They must provide reasonable and adequate protection for workers, invitees, and the general public, which includes proper building maintenance to prevent collapses.

Contractors, Demolition Companies, and Suppliers

Contractors must properly execute design plans and ensure the materials utilized are fit for the task at hand. Demolition companies are expected to follow safety precautions to prevent unnecessary damage. Equipment suppliers must ensure the materials they distribute are fit for their intended purpose, which requires careful inspections for defective products. If any of these parties neglects their duties, resulting in a building collapse in Elgin, they could be held liable for any ensuing damages by a dedicated attorney.

Recovering Damages from Elgin Insurance Companies

Most building collapse lawsuits involve negotiations with insurance companies, although they are typically not directly named defendants. Rather, insurance companies are often interested in the case’s outcome because they may be responsible for indemnification. Whether the victim of a building collapse was an employee on the job or a bystander, a legal professional in the area could assist in negotiations with insurance companies for a potential settlement.

Contact Elgin Building Collapse Lawyer for Legal Support

If you or a loved one was harmed in a structural collapse accident, you deserve persistent legal support to help you recover from your losses. At the Law Offices of R.F. Wittmeyer, Ltd., our experienced lawyers have represented many building collapse cases and sought compensation on behalf of victims for medical expenses, lost wages, pain and suffering, and more. Contact an Elgin building collapse lawyer to schedule a free consultation today.

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