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Every parent’s worst nightmare is their child suffering severe harm. When someone else is responsible for your kid’s debilitating injury, you may feel too overwhelmed that you do not know where to turn. In this situation, it is best that you call an experienced attorney to guide you in seeking justice. At the Law Offices of R.F. Wittmeyer, Ltd., our caring Elgin child injury lawyers work with families to answer questions, lay out options, and hold responsible parties accountable.

Injuries Beyond Ordinary Bumps and Bruises

Kids tend to run, play, and take chances without comprehending the risks, resulting in many skinned knees. These bumps and bruises are a normal part of childhood, but certain wounds resulting from adult negligence can have much greater consequences. The following examples are common types of harm cited in child injury lawsuits:

  • Injuries from dangerous playground equipment
  • Accidents resulting from inadequate supervision
  • Sports trauma
  • Medical mistakes
  • Car or school bus crashes
  • Swimming pool accidents
  • Amusement park accidents caused by lack of maintenance
  • Exposure to lead or other toxic substances
  • Physical, emotional, or sexual abuse

In these kinds of circumstances, someone’s actions or negligence may have caused the harm to your child. Our seasoned child injury attorneys are familiar with these cases and could help families determine how to secure the necessary funds for their kid’s recovery and future.

Effects of Severe Injury on a Child

Children who experience severe, traumatic harm may suffer both physically and psychologically. Seek immediate medical care and legal counsel in your area if your child displays any of the following:

Regardless of the type of injury a child sustained, a diligent Elgin attorney could assess the validity of the family’s claim, conduct a thorough investigation, and gather the necessary evidence for settlement negotiations or trial.

Establishing Liability for Harming a Child in Elgin

Not every injury will support liability and the right to damages. Legal responsibility requires proof that the offender owed the child a duty, breached that duty in causing harm and the resulting damages, and that no other factor caused the injury. Failure to show any of these factors negates the defendant’s legal responsibility in a child injury claim.

By retaining an attorney well-versed in child injury lawsuits, families may more effectively respond to a defendant’s attempts to avoid blame. Additionally, our legal team could work efficiently to protect eligibility for damages by ensuring that claims are filed within two years of the accident, as required by 735 ILCS 5/13-202.

Recoverable Damages in Child Injury Cases

Child injury cases are resolved by either negotiated settlements or jury verdicts. In either case, injured parties may seek compensatory payment for economic and non-economic damages, as stated in 735 ILCS § 5/2-1109. Economic damages reimburse actual expenses and monetary losses both present and future, such as medical bills, caregiver fees, and lost wages of the parents. Non-economic damages recompense for subjective harm, such as mental anguish, pain, disfigurement, and deterioration in the enjoyment of life. If the child passes away, families may sue for additional damages under the Illinois Wrongful Death Act (740 ILCS 180/1 – 180/2.2).

Call an Elgin Child Injury Lawyer for Compassionate Representation

As a parent or caregiver, you likely worry about your child’s physical and emotional wellbeing. Their severe injury and the expensive medical care it requires can only increase your level of concern.

Seeking financial and legal justice for your kid’s accident could help you find peace of mind in this difficult time. Call today and let our team of dedicated Elgin child injury lawyers advocate on behalf of you and your family.

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