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A catastrophic accident can be devastating and traumatic for you and your family. The types of injuries that result from these incidents are often permanent, leaving the victims with life-altering consequences and high medical expenses. The advice of an Elgin paralysis injury lawyer can be useful for finding financial relief if another person caused the accident that led to your condition.

If you are unsure of how to take the next legal step, you could likely benefit from the guidance and information that a personal injury attorney can provide. Obtaining the compensation you need to seek appropriate medical care for your injuries can provide financial support for you and your family in this difficult time.

What are Some Common Accidents Leading to Paralysis?

Individuals with injuries that cause paralysis have difficulty or an inability to move some or all of their limbs. Although stroke is a common cause of paralysis, various accidents can lead to loss of motor function, including spinal cord injuries that stem from motor vehicle, boating, and swimming or sports accidents.

Aside from spinal cord injuries, paralysis also may result from a traumatic brain injury. As different portions of the brain control movement, damage to the brain can result in partial or complete paralysis of some body parts. Medical malpractice, violent assaults, and shootings also may lead to spinal cord and brain injuries that cause paralysis.

In many cases, the negligence of another party may have caused the accident that led to the permanent motor loss condition, such as a drunk driver or a careless surgeon. Victims of these accidents could hold them responsible by filing a personal injury claim against them. Enlisting the help of a paralysis injury lawyer in the area can be critical to determining who to hold liable for the injured person’s damages

Negligence and Accident Claims in Elgin

Civil liability for a personal injury is usually rooted in the legal theory of negligence. Parties are considered negligent when they act carelessly or recklessly by disregarding the safety of others. If their behavior causes a situation that injures another person for whom they owe a duty of care to, they can be held responsible for the costs of those injuries.

For example, in the case of a motor vehicle accident, an individual or a driver’s employer could be forced to pay injury damages. Manufacturers of defective vehicle parts could also be a source of liability in some cases. Checking with legal counsel in Elgin could be the most effective means of determining the identity of all potentially liable parties in an injury claim.

Damages and Paralysis Injury Claims

The costs of a lifetime paralysis injury can be astronomical. In addition to the initial emergency treatment in the aftermath of a severe accident, which is likely to be significant, individuals with permanent spinal damage may experience ongoing medical treatment, such as rehabilitation, for the rest of their lives. Depending on the degree of paralysis, injury victims may be dependent on others for personal care needs, which can include home health care costs, sometimes around the clock.

Depending on the careers of the injury victims before their condition, they may be unable to return to work. In some cases, retraining or an eventual return to full-time employment may be a possibility, but this can be rare. The substantial loss in current and future income can also be the basis for damages in an injury claim.

Furthermore, injury victims could be entitled to seek damages for their permanent impairments, pain and suffering, and emotional trauma stemming from the incident. A local paralysis injury representative could help calculate all of a claimant’s losses for a comprehensive damage package.

Reach Out to an Elgin Paralysis Injury Attorney

Whether you or your loved one sustained a paralysis injury in a car or truck collison, a slip and fall at a local business, or an unanticipated recreational accident, you could be entitled to compensation if another person caused the event. An Elgin paralysis injury lawyer can evaluate your situation and determine your available avenues of legal recourse.

The implications of a paralysis injury on your life can be enormous, both personally and professionally. By working closely with the dedicated legal counsel of R.F. Wittmeyer, Ltd, you could pursue the compensation you are entitled to.

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