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Your I-PASS Transponder May Be Wrong, But You Might Be in Luck

Technology has come a long way. Gone are the days of desperately looking through your glove box in search of spare change. Most people now utilize I-PASS to pay for tolls to avoid slowing down and adding travel time and the Department of Transportation has removed most toolbooths. However, popular I-PASS transponders can have misinformation printed on them.

Millions of drivers are affected by printing mistakes due to newer units lasting for ten years, not the printed eight-year benchmark. When you are wrongfully charged a toll due to an expired transponder, you may still be in luck. Contact a dedicated personal injury attorney for legal assistance today.

Why Might I Be in Luck Because of an Expired Transponder?

When planning a future trip, there are various things to consider. The little transponder on your dash is probably the last thing on your mind, but many people are unaware that these tools have an expiration date. To make sure you do not skip a toll the next time you travel, check the date of your transponder.

Millions of I-PASS transponders have wrong expiration dates printed on them. Thankfully, this could be a good thing. If the label on the unit reads between 2020 and 2026, the expiration is incorrect, and your transponder is suitable for an additional two years.

The old transponders were active for only eight years, while the newer units can last for ten. The Tollway neglected to alter the information printed on the I-PASS, so to resolve disputes, they will send a letter to customers when it is time for a new transponder.

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