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How to Volunteer with the Red Cross

With the multitude of natural disasters we have been experiencing in our country, organizations such as the Red Cross are vital to the recovery of affected communities. The majority of the work done by the Red Cross is performed by volunteers. Volunteers carry out 90% of the humanitarian work of the Red Cross.

How can you help?

Volunteer Opportunities

We make possible the vital work of the American Red Cross. Whatever your background, talents, or skills, you can impact your community and your world. Some types of volunteer work include:

  • Taking on a Leadership Role
  • Working to Increase the Blood Donation Supply
  • Assisting During a Specific Crisis
  • Educating Your Community
  • Supporting the Armed Forces
  • Helping with Fundraising
  • Volunteering Your Health Care Skills
  • Volunteering Your Communication Skills
  • Providing Administrative Support
  • Working with the International Red Cross

What About the Children?

25% of Red Cross volunteers are age 24 or younger. Volunteering with the Red Cross can become a family activity. Additionally, many schools have Red Cross clubs. And as your kids get older, they can become interns at the headquarters in Washington, DC. Or network with many other young adults who want to help the world.

But to begin your volunteer journey, the Red Cross recommends you contract your local Red Cross office.

Your Local Red Cross

You can find your local group here.

But if you are in Arlington Heights or the surrounding suburbs, for more volunteering opportunities, contact the American Red Cross of Chicago & Northern Illinois

The Rauner Center
2200 W. Harrison St.
Chicago, IL, 60612
Phone: (312) 729-6100

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