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Spring Driving

Spring driving can be beautiful with trees in bloom and the sun shining. While it seems that one of the harshest winters in Illinois history may never be over, in just about a month, spring is scheduled to start. The word spring comes as a joy and a relief to many Illinois residents who have been driving through snow, sleet and frigid wind on an almost daily basis. But, as the temperatures change, so to do the types of road conditions Illinois drivers are likely to encounter. As always, keeping you and your family safe on the roads is a paramount concern, and there are some helpful tips out there to help Illinois drivers further these safety goals.

Firstly, the adverse weather condition most associated with the spring months is rain. Falling rain can make the roads slick, and mixing it with oil and mud can exacerbate the problem. The safest way to drive when it is raining is to slow down and not follow other cars too closely. Also, in order to promote maximum visibility when rain is falling, it is always a good idea to keep your windshield wipers in good shape. Having anything less than perfect visibility is dangerous to you as well as other drivers. Drivers should also attempt to avoid large puddles at all costs. The fluctuating winter temperatures have likely created potholes in the road. This in turn create large puddles. Avoiding puddles can help save your brakes, vision and can keep your car from hydroplaning. It is impossible to imagine spring driving without rain storms, but be cautious and you can avoid car accidents, potholes, and other troubles associated with a thunderstorm.

Another driving hazard not often thought about during the spring months is allergies. Some antihistamines can make you feel drowsy, unfocused and slow to react.  If not taken responsibly and according to directions, they can pose a danger to your health and safety. There are two ways to combat this issue. The first is simply being aware of your physical and mental state before getting into your vehicle. The second is to change your car’s cabin air filter. This can help minimize the amount of dust and pollen that enters your vehicle. In turn, this could lead you to utilize less drowsy allergy medicine as well as helping to keep you clear and less congested while you are driving.

The next best way to combat hazardous spring driving conditions is foolproof, stay informed. Imagine you are leaving your home and heading out to Woodfield for nice afternoon with the kids. No one wants to get involved in a Schaumburg car accident because they were not informed of the troubles with the weather. These days access to weather reports is seamless. If you are fearful of bad weather or even an impending storm, check your smart phone, news channels or the radio to get the latest weather information. Driving conditions can never be dangerous to you if you aren’t out driving in them.

For further tips and practice, taking driver’s safety courses are always a good idea to help in any season, especially with spring driving. But, if you can remember these few quick tips, you can help keep your family as well as other drivers as safe as possible while out driving during these spring months.


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