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Lexicata CRM Software Review

In our personal injury practice, we accept only about 1 of every 5 leads (actually we now know that figure is exactly 18.55% for last year). Because of this, we must accurately track all of our leads.  Since the beginning of 2018, we track our leads with the help of a CRM software designed especially for law firms called Lexicata.

Before using Lexicata, we kept track of our leads with a paper system.  We have multiple people who do intake calls. Previously, no central location existed to reliably and consistently keep  all the intake info.  Also, we weren’t very precise about tracking leads by lead source. We were guessing about our conversion rates.  With a very user friendly interface, Lexicata does what we need at a reasonable cost, $24 per month per user.

Why Lexicata Works for Us

Other CRMs probably work well for other law firms, but Lexicata works for us.  It gave us a central location that we can all access by computer where ALL leads are entered and tracked. Then we can follow up on them.  Occasionally, before, we had some prospects who would call back and we would have trouble locating our paper intake sheet. We could not tell who talked to the prospect before and what they told them.  Now we enter all communications with prospects in Lexicata in an organized way. Anyone who has a subsequent conversation with a prospect can better serve our clients and prospective clients. They don’t have to provide the same information over again. And we know what they were told earlier.

Lexicata also allows you to customize your own intake forms, which we have done.  Prospective clients now can get access to the intake form, which they can complete online. They can fill out this form before they come into the office for their initial consultation.  Overall, clients don’t seem to have a problem with completing the online form. It’s an efficient way to gather background information that saves everyone time when the client comes to the office.

Another benefit is tracking and analytics on leads.  Initially Lexicata was very weak in this department. But their new update last summer greatly increased their analytics. We now we can track leads by case type and lead source. This allows us to easily look at conversion rates by source or case type. I find this to be very helpful to know where our leads and new cases are coming from.

Lexicata has recently been acquired by Clio, which is a Law Firm case management software company.  Lexicata is telling us that for the time being, Lexicata will remain an independent program, so we have renewed for next year.  But, at some point I am guessing that will change.  So, for now, Lexicata works for our intake software, but whether its Lexicata or another CRM software – I highly recommend using a CRM software to allow you to clean up your intake process, and get a good handle on your lead sources and conversion rates.


The biggest negative for us is that Lexicata does not integrate with our case management system, Abacus.  We can’t export all the data we enter into to Abacus. This makes us have to re-enter the same data into our case management system when a prospect becomes a client.  It would be nice to have the two systems integrated, but we’ll work on that in the future.

In case anybody is wondering, I am getting no benefit whatsoever from Lexicata or anyone else for writing this review.  I just want to share my practice management experience with all of you, as many friends have shared with me.

R.F. Wittmeyer

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