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Let It Snow: What to Do When a Storm Is Heading In

We face some pretty fierce storms here in Illinois. From snow to fog and freezing rain, the 2018 winter forecast for Illinois is cold and snowy. But don’t wait until a storm is rolling in to prepare. Winter is fast approaching, so follow these simple tips to get ready for the worst.

Winter Is Coming

Before those temperatures drop too far, stock up on winter weather essentials. A snow shovel and sand or salt can help you stay mobile in emergency conditions, so make sure you have them on hand.

Compile extra batteries. Don’t wait until the forecast is set to stock up on batteries. Make sure you have spare batteries for all your battery-powered equipment such as flashlights and radios.

Fuel up. If you have a wood, oil, or gas heat source, stock up on fuel now before supplies dwindle.

Stock your pantry. Make sure you have plenty of food on hand that does not require refrigeration or cooking. Think energy-rich non-perishables like nuts and dried fruit. Also, it’s a good idea to keep a camp stove handy in case you are without power for several days.

Compile blankets and warm clothes. Keep an extra set in your car.

Additionally, do a little preventative planning.

Winterize your car to make sure you have reliable, safe transportation. Don’t wait until the weather rolls in to fill your tank and do routine maintenance. Make sure your car is ready to go with an extra gas can and emergency supplies, so you can be ready for winter road hazards.

Secure your home. Check your windows and seals for leaks. Make repairs as needed to keep your home weatherproof. Secure any loose items in the yard. Clean up loose tree branches that could cause damage in a storm. Cover firewood to keep it dry. Park your car on the street if you can to avoid having to shovel your driveway.

Also, stay safe during the storm. Don’t venture out unless your vehicle can handle the conditions. Get help shoveling snow if you need it. Heart attacks while shoveling snow is a leading cause of death following winter storms. And stay on top of forecasts to ensure you are never caught off guard.

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