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Find the Best Weather Apps for You

It wasn’t too long ago that you just grabbed your umbrella after watching the weather forecast. You hoped that the weather would look exactly like the weather forecaster said at 6:30 in the morning.

But with the advent of SmartPhones, a weather app is built into your device. You can check the temperature and the forecase in a push of a button. Many of you are not getting all of the information you should get. According to Outside Magazine, there are four key features to look for in a weather app:

  1. Available radar–look for a weather app that provides you with current radar images from within the last five minutes. The FutureCast feature is also very useful, which can provide you with a predicted weather pattern for the next 30-60 minutes.
  2. Does not focus on user-created input–it can be helpful when other app users report current weather conditions, but this is not a reliable source, especially in underpopulated areas.
  3. Get the big weather picture–Many weather apps zero in on your local weather forecast only. A better weather app will show you the weather in your entire surrounding region, which enables you to see what kind of weather might be coming your way.
  4. Constant updates–the best weather apps are constantly updated with new radar images and forecasts.

All of these features focus on your safety and more data. Without radar or an idea of what is happening an hour away, you may take the dog out for a walk and end up needing a towel. Additionally, as the summer begins, strong storms and severe weather alerts can help you get into a safe place before you hear a tornado siren.

List of Best Weather Apps

However, there are so many weather apps! How can you decide which one works best for you? Luckily, we have compiled some of the best apps based on magazines and governmental sources. Additionally, many of them are free!

Best Apps Recommended by Outside Magazine

  • Weather Underground (Free, iOS and Android)
  • DarkSky ($3.99, iOS and Android)
  • RainAware (Free, iOS and Android)
  • RadarCast Elite ($1.99, iOS)

Free Apps Recommended by Accuweather

  • Accuweather App
  • Red Cross Weather App
  • Local Weather Apps

Apps Recommended By National Weather Service:

  • AlertFM
  • AnythingWeather Communications
  • Chicago Weather Center

You may still want to grab that umbrella, but make sure to check your phone! Be safe!

R.F. Wittmeyer

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