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Drive Safe Around Road Construction Crews

As you end to family functions or work, remember that you should not rush. Always leave a bit early. But we all have been in a situation where an unexpected construction zone appears. Frustration sets in and some of us experience some road rage. However, many car accidents occur in these work zones as drivers become distracted.

Recently, a 59-year-old certified flagger died after a driver hit him and his work van in the northbound lanes of I-294 just south of Touhy. This unfortunately accident cost a family a beloved member and the driver should have been driving at a reduced speed. These mistakes need to stay at the forefront of your mind as you head out the door.

Although Chicago summers traditionally have more construction, many projects continue into early fall. Stay safe while driving on our highways and remember that the men and women fixing the roads deserve your attention.

IDOT Recommendations

IDOT states “[w]e understand that driving through work zones can be frustrating at times and we do our best to help protect your safety while you’re getting to your destinations.” IDOT also provides the public with maps of current construction zones.

Photo Enforcement

Illinois highways use photo speed enforcement to increase safety in work zones. Most of the fatalities in work zones affect motorists and slower speeds allow motorists a safer journey.

The automated traffic control system may operate when workers are present. The systems will work even if the work occurred behind temporary concrete barriers.

Signs indicate when photo speed enforcement occurs. And you still have time to slow down before the camera takes your picture!

If you or someone you love was injured or killed in a construction work zone, contract an experienced car accident personal injury lawyer. Serving the Northwest suburbs including Arlington Heights, Buffalo Grove, Palatine, and surrounding areas, the Law Offices of R.F. Wittmeyer, Ltd.helps level the playing field against major insurance companies and corporations. If you’ve been injured or involved in an accident, call our office at (847) 357-0403 or fill out our online form to schedule a free consultation with one of our highly qualified Arlington Heights personal injury attorneys. The sooner we can learn about your case and your needs, the more effective we can be at recovering fair and adequate compensation for your losses.

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