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Can An Attorney Get Me a Bigger Settlement?

As a personal injury law firm, we get many calls from potential clients who want to know whether we can get them a bigger settlement. Indeed, this is one of the most common questions we are asked. The answer—not to disappoint you—is that it depends on the specific facts and circumstances of the case.

Getting What You Deserve

Many factors can influence your settlement amount. But, generally speaking, an attorney will be able to make those elements work in your favor for a maximum settlement. For smaller claims, an attorney might not have a lot of leverage to get you a bigger settlement. In claims involving moderate to severe injuries, lost time from work, or long-term disability, however, an attorney might be able to get you a bigger settlement using the following techniques.

Experience With Insurance

Personal injury attorneys have extensive experience working with insurance companies. You may have filed a few claims in your life, but only a personal injury attorney will have seen the gamut of moves an insurance company will make to deny claims. They know every trick in the book and know how to spot and stop them.

This benefit is priceless because too many claimants are taken advantage of by insurance adjusters who are merely doing their job by making the insurance company money. The tactics they use can be sneaky. Unfortunately, if the claimant unknowingly agrees to something or signs the wrong piece of documentation, he or she could forfeit all rights to compensation.

An Understanding of the Law

An attorney can use the law to your advantage. Illinois personal injury law is complex. A good attorney can find the areas of the law that can strengthen your claim and emphasize them. He or she can also make sure the law is not inappropriately applied to your case by a less than forthright insurance adjuster.

Picking the Right Strategy

An attorney will know when to settle and when to litigate. Not all claims settle out of court. Claims of high value or involving disputed liability or facts are sometimes less likely to settle. A good attorney will be able to make a wise judgment call on when to file suit. Likewise, an experienced attorney will be able to navigate the litigation process, which can be lengthy, convoluted, and demanding of your time.

What An Attorney Can Do

Consult with an experienced Illinois personal injury attorney if you have questions about the personal injury claims process. An honest attorney can tell you whether your case is worth their time and your money. Most personal injury attorneys charge on a contingency basis. This means they only collect a fee if you win your case. He or she can also provide you with information that can help you make the best decision on how to handle your claim.

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