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Best Turn-by-Turn Navigation Apps for Safe Travel

Navigation Apps to Help You Travel Safely

Turn-by-turn navigation apps can help you drive with fewer distractions and arrive at your destination safely. Not only do navigation apps give you hands-free directions, but they also reduce your travel time by giving you the quickest route. When combined, distraction-free and efficient travel equals safe travel.

The Best Apps for Safe Travels

Google Maps

Google Maps for both iOS and Android offers many capabilities with built-in safety features. One of the most beneficial features is voice-activated search on Android. Simply say “Okay, Google” to search for places you want to go to entirely hands-free. You have to enable this feature using iOS manually, so start it up before you get on the road.


Waze is a social driving app that offers a unique function. It allows drivers to submit traffic reports and other information about their commute. Once you tap into this data, you can get real-time information from other drivers on road closures, traffic, collisions, and other hazards, which is essential to safe driving.

CoPilot GPS

CoPilot GPS has robust offline capabilities. As long as you download the data-heavy maps over Wi-Fi, this app will get you where you need to go with or without service. This is crucial for road trips and traveling in rural areas where service is limited and getting stranded is a real threat. CoPilot GPS also has a speed feature, logging your speed and notifying you when you near the speed limit.

While there are dozens of good turn-by-turn navigation apps on the market, these three, in particular, have certain features that can make driving safer. From voice only search to real-time information from other drivers, your commute can be quick, efficient, and completely hands-free.

No matter how safe you drive, you can’t control how others drive. With this in mind, always drive defensively, and be aware of risks and road hazards. If you are involved in an accident, it’s best to speak with an auto accident lawyer about filing a claim. A savvy Arlington Heights auto accident lawyer can help you gather the evidence you need to submit a claim successfully, so you can get the compensation you deserve.

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