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5/5 Big Mistakes to Avoid in your Personal Injury Case – Talking to The Wrong People

Talking to the wrong people can create big problems in a personal injury case. The adverse claim rep or adjuster from the adverse insurance company will try to contact you shortly after an auto accident. Do not give them a recorded statement and do not sign a medical release with them. If it’s an auto accident and you’re also injured, talk to them only about getting your car fixed or replaced. Basically, don’t discuss your injuries or the accident with anybody except, your doctors and medical providers, your employer to the extent you need to substantiate time off work if you need to be off work, your own insurance company, your own auto insurance company, and your lawyer.

Social media, whether you’re on Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, whatever it happens to be, be very careful about what you post on the social media channels. Do not post anything about your accident or your injury, and be careful about anything you post. It is a favorite strategy today for the adverse insurance company, the claim reps, the lawyers, to patrol social media, looking for posts about you and then looking to see what they can use to their advantage in your disadvantage. Their favorite approach is they take a post of you, take it out of context, and try to show that what you’re doing in that post is inconsistent with the injuries you’re claiming in the subject auto collision. Here’s an example, you post a picture of your nice big dog on Facebook and you’re having fun with the dog. They will argue that your torn rotator cuff was not a result of your gripping the steering wheel when you were rear ended and hit the car in front of you, but instead was a result of you playing with your dog. Sound crazy? I’ve seen it happen. Keep your business to yourself, keep off social media, or at least anything to do with your injuries, after you’ve been in an auto accident.

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