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2023 Roadmap Safety Report Notes Rise in Wisconsin Accidents

Because motor vehicle accidents cause thousands of fatalities each year, many organizations and community members are pushing for more effective safety measures to prevent them. The Advocates for Highway and Road Safety recently released their 2023 Roadmap Safety Report, noting vehicle safety in each state. Lawmakers and drivers can use the report to understand the best ways to improve road safety in Wisconsin.

What is the Roadmap Safety Report?

Advocates for Highway and Road Safety was founded in 1989 to pursue policies, programs, and laws to keep Americans safe on the road. They release an annual Roadmap Safety Report to evaluate auto safety, noting areas for improvement throughout the country. States are evaluated based on the number of vehicle accident fatalities and each area’s ‘optimal’ laws. The organization focuses their recommendations for optimal laws based on issues like impaired driving, teen driving, and occupant protection.

The 2023 Report states that 42,915 people were killed in motor vehicle crashes in 2021, marking a 10.5% increase from 2020. As a result, the organization also highlights a need for vehicles and road infrastructure designed to keep all road users safe. You can read the full report here.

Motor Vehicle Accidents in Wisconsin

The report rates Wisconsin with a yellow flag of “Caution” regarding auto safety regulations coming into the new year. In 2021, there were 597 fatalities in Wisconsin due to car accidents. In the past ten years, 5,816 fatalities caused by car accidents occurred in Wisconsin.

The organization takes into account when determining the ranking on how the state has implemented laws enforcing seatbelt use for front and back-seat passengers, as well as restrictions on open containers and cell phone use. The report notes a continued need for highway laws addressing motorcycle helmets and more rigorous driver’s education and protections for children.

The organization also references the expenses associated with motor vehicle accidents, including property damages, medical bills, and a victim’s lost working capacity. In 2021, motor vehicle collision costs amounted to approximately $5.898 million across the United States.

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