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Construction sites contain many hazards due to the nature of the work and the machinery involved. However, when worksites lack safety precautions, workers are put at heightened risk of catastrophic or even fatal harm. Some of the most severe construction accidents are those that involve fires and explosions.

If you or a loved one were recently harmed in a construction-related accident, a knowledgeable attorney at the Law Offices of R.F. Wittmeyer, Ltd. could walk you through your options for recovering compensation. Our lawyers have experience successfully handling claims for fires and explosions at Arlington Heights construction sites. While you focus on healing from your injuries, let our dedicated legal team pursue your case.

Liability for Construction Site Combustion Accidents

Depending on the cause of a construction site explosion, a lawyer could help pursue a claim against one or several parties who may be held liable for damages. A skilled attorney could also help contest any allegations of blame against the injured plaintiff, as partial liability would affect their ability to recover damages.

Since Illinois is a modified comparative negligence state, an injured party who brings a civil claim in Arlington Heights could be found partially at-fault for their own injuries. Under § 5/2-1116(c), Chapter 735 of the Illinois Compiled Statutes (ILCS), if the court finds that the claimant is 50 percent or more at fault for the construction accident, they will be barred from recovering any compensation. However, the court may still award compensation to a person who is 49 percent or less to blame, although their damages will be reduced according to their percentage of fault.

Since the proportion of liability could detrimentally impact the damages a plaintiff can recover in Arlington Heights, those seeking financial compensation for construction fires or explosions are strongly encouraged to get legal advice when pursuing their claim.

Causes of Construction Fires and Explosions in Arlington Heights

There are several ways in which a construction-related explosion or fire can occur. Some of the more common causes of combustion accidents on construction sites include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Fuel or chemical exposure
  • Malfunctioning electrical equipment
  • Puncture of underground pipelines by machinery
  • Over-pressurized containers

As previously mentioned, the exact cause of a construction site explosion or fire could impact the damages that the court awards to an injured plaintiff. A dedicated local attorney at the Law Offices of R.F. Wittmeyer, Ltd. could investigate the construction accident fire or explosion, gather evidence of another party’s negligence, and pursue an appropriate amount of compensation.

Call an Attorney for Arlington Heights Construction Fires and Explosions

The physical injuries a construction worker sustains in a combustion accident can be severely, if not permanently, damaging. When these accidents are caused by someone’s negligence, those injured have legal options for recovering compensation to cover their losses.

If you suffered severe injuries in a construction site blast, the skilled attorneys at our law firm could advise you on effectively filing a claim for damages. Our lawyers have extensive experience representing the victims of fires and explosions at Arlington Heights construction sites. Call us today to learn more about how we could help you.

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