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When people place their vulnerable elderly relatives in an Arlington Heights nursing home, they expect staff members to handle their needs with care. Many elderly people need help with daily activities. Generally, staff is incredibly friendly, supportive, and available for all kinds of help. Unfortunately, sometimes residents suffer neglect and negligence, which can lead to traumatic brain injuries.

If you believe your elderly loved suffered severe head trauma at their assisted living facility, get in touch with an Arlington Heights nursing home brain injury lawyer today. Our nursing home abuse attorneys could offer insight about your legal options and advise your family on the best next steps.

What Types of Head Trauma Can Occur at Nursing Homes?

Head injuries in nursing homes can occur due to:

  • falls out of a bed,
  • slips in a bathroom,
  • improper bed rails,
  • wet floors,
  • transportation related injuries,
  • weak upper bodies that cannot catch a slip or fall

50 percent of deaths that occur due to falling occur after a head injury. Additionally, 32 percent of hospital admissions involving a head injury result from a fall. Of these head injuries, 25 percent occur in elderly adults who are in a nursing home facility.

How Nursing Homes in Arlington Heights Can Reduce Head Injuries

Nursing home staff must reduce hazardous situations that may result in a head injury. Therefore, the staff must stay alert and aware of the situations of their residents. Additionally, facilities must supervise the weaker residents. If a resident has certain diseases, such as dementia, additional resources may be necessary. Lastly, overmedication or undermedication neglect could result in a traumatic head injury.

If a resident suffered severe head trauma as a result of a staff member’s negligence, the nursing home may need to dismiss the employee. If the employee remains, they need to be held responsible for their actions or inaction.

When Your Family Member Suffers a Head Injury

First, take your relative to emergency care for evaluation and treatment. Due their age, even a minor injury could result in significant pain and suffering for an elderly person. If your relative has declining health, they become even more susceptible to injury. If you need to discuss the injury with a lawyer, consider working with an experienced injury attorney at the Law Offices of R.F. Wittmeyer, Ltd.

Generally, nursing homes do not provide specific rehabilitative therapies to address the needs of someone with a head injury. Luckily, some nursing homes put great efforts to get those residents with brain injuries into facilities that have the resources to care for them. Regardless of whether the brain injury occurs at the facility, you may need to find an outside care provider.

Medicaid Rules

Medicaid is required to cover the cost of long-term care in a nursing home under United States laws. The laws do not require the Medicaid to pay for specialized care that those suffering from brain injuries need. Facilitates that can handle cases for brain injuries are not licensed as nursing homes, which means that Medicaid would not cover the facilities for long-term care. Nursing homes recognize that those with brain injuries should not be in restrictive areas and therefore refuse to take them. This leaves elderly who require nursing home care and have brain injuries to a severe disadvantage.

Call a Nursing Home Brain Injury Lawyer in Arlington Heights

When your loved one is experiencing abuse, they deserve justice. A hardworking Arlington Heights nursing home brain injury lawyer could help you fight for their rights in and out of court. Call today.

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