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Safe Summer Driving Tips

Summer weather is finally upon us. Temperatures have risen, and everyone is ready to get out of the house and engage in outdoor activities. While you might not think this new summer weather could make driving more dangerous, the truth is actually quite the contrary. The warmth of the summer months may present you with some driving conditions you would not normally anticipate, conditions you need to be aware of.

Many times the average person associates dangerous driving with the snow and ice while disregarding dangers when it is sunny and warm outside. It is true that driving in the cold winters can be dangerous, but many states’ patrol drivers, in fact, see an increase in traffic and motorist assists throughout the summer and for this reason, a number of states actually intensify their patrol beats, hours and routes in the summer. This increase in the volume of traffic combined with a new propensity to speed can cause problems, and when coupled with other on-road hazards, things can get dangerous.

Safe Summer Driving Tips

Here are several safe summer driving tips. First, during the summer, there is increased rainfall, and hydroplaning can become an issue, so always check the weather before you go out for a drive. Second, you should be aware that more roads have potholes during the summer due to the expanding and contracting of the asphalt due to ever changing temperatures. Third, due to the increased use of air conditioning during the summer, cars tend to overheat more often. So, it is always a good idea to check your oil and coolants often.

Next, one of the biggest hazards of safe summer driving is the increased road construction during the summer as crews take advantage of the nice weather to work on the roads. As always you need to remember to slow down in construction zones. Safe summer driving includes safety for individuals outside of your car. Finally, also be on the lookout for inexperienced drivers because research shows that teen driver crashes and fatalities are highest during the summer months because more teens are given the opportunity to travel on unknown roadways and in unfamiliar conditions. Some other factors you should watch out for to ensure safe summer driving include: increased bicycle traffic on the roads, tire blowouts and dehydration on long drives.

Safe Summer Driving Maintenance Tips

Many of these aforementioned problems can be solved by following a few quick summer car maintenance tips. First, check your oil to make sure your car is ready for the grueling summer heat. Then you need to check to make sure your hoses and belts are in proper working order since the name of the game during the summer is to keep your vehicle cool. Lastly, you should keep your battery clean. While we all know that many times cars don’t start on cold winter mornings, the summer heat is actually even harder on a battery and can do permanent damage to it. The best way you can keep your battery running smoothly is to keep it clean.

By knowing what you may encounter and what you can do to mitigate the effects of such problems, you can keep yourself and your family safe and get out to enjoy the better weather before fall begins.

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