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Rough Ride: The Risks of Damaged Roads in Illinois

Damaged Roads in Illinois Put You at Risk

Driving on damaged roads can be dangerous. Potholes, cracks, and broken asphalt can increase the risk of accidents. To stay safe while driving on damaged roads, keep the following safety tips in mind.

Pay Attention to Road Signs

Damaged roads in Illinois may have signage displayed to warn motorists of poor road conditions. Steel plates, cut asphalt, and other roadwork hazards can cause cars to swerve thus causing collisions. Heed all road signs to ensure you safely adjust your speed when appropriate.

Watch the Road Surface

Ruts, groves, cracks, and potholes make the road surface uneven, increasing the risk of accidents. Watch the road surface as best you can to look for these common road hazards. Sometimes it’s best to take it slow when driving on damaged roads to stay in control and avoid accidents. And exercise extreme caution when riding a motorcycle or bike, as uneven surfaces can cause small tires to slip and lose traction.

Be Aware of Wear

Crumbling roads, faded lines, and worn or damaged road signs can make it more difficult to follow the rules of the road and avoid hazards. While the State of Illinois should be properly maintaining these, limited resources mean some roads are still in need of repair. When in doubt about lane lines or posted speed limits, follow common sense and the flow of traffic, and report the wear promptly.

Stay Alert and Ready to Act

When driving on damaged roads, reduce your speed and keep your eyes on the road and road signs.

If you were in an accident while driving on damaged roads in Illinois, you might be able to submit a claim to the Illinois Department of Transportation (IDOT). IDOT investigates and pays claims for property damage to vehicles driving on roads under State jurisdiction. Claims are paid based on a standard of negligence. Thus, it’s essential to work closely with an Illinois car accident attorney who can help you prove the State failed to take reasonable safety precautions.

Damaged roads are a major cause of auto accidents in Illinois. Keep these tips in mind when traveling on Illinois roads to make sure you are able to drive safely and defensively no matter the conditions.

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