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Labor Day: More Cars on the Road Means More Risk

Play it Safe This Labor Day Weekend

Situated at the end of summer and right before the start of the school year, Labor Day is one of the busiest holidays for getting out on the road. Whether it be visiting a neighboring town or taking a road trip across the state, travel on Labor Day weekend tends to be higher risk. When more cars flood the roads and heat causes irregularities in the asphalt, your risk of getting in an accident goes up. To make the most of your time off this Labor Day, always keep safety in mind.

You’ll likely be facing increased traffic and could encounter hazardous road conditions, construction work, or alcohol-impaired drivers along the way. All these factors can significantly increase your chance of getting in an accident.

Labor Day is quickly approaching, and if you have travel plans, you should keep the following summer driving tips in mind:

  • Get your car road ready. Check fluids and tire pressure, and make sure you have an emergency kit with items such as jumper cables and flares ready to go. Breaking down or experiencing a flat tire is not only inconvenient; it can also be dangerous depending on where you stop.
  • Know your route. Bring a printed map, and don’t rely solely on GPS in case reception is an issue.
  • Anticipate route changes. Make sure you are aware of any detours in your route that won’t be on a map, such as closed roads and lanes and construction zones.
  • Consider driving during non-peak times. Especially near metropolitan areas, driving during peak times can be dangerous as more cars are on the road. Consider early morning departures or driving in the late evening to reduce this risk.

Taking extra precautions when driving Labor Day weekend can reduce your risk of getting in an accident. If you are involved in an accident, however, consult with an experienced Arlington Heights auto accident attorney as soon as you can. An attorney can evaluate the facts and circumstances of your accident and walk you step by step through submitting a claim and seeking adequate compensation. Otherwise, have a safe and fun Labor Day weekend!

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