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Visit Gerry’s Cafe for their Grand Opening Saturday, August 26, 2023!

Gerry’s started the first cafe in Arlington Heights designed to be staffed and provide employment opportunities for developmentally challenged adults in our community.  We have supported Gerry’s from the beginning and will continue to do what we can to help. Our firm continues to be excited at the significant progress Gerry’s Cafe continues to make toward the goal of offering employment to exceptional individuals with intellectual disabilities. We are excited to see the founders’ dream come to fruition, with the opening of Gerry’s Cafe.

Gerry’s Mission is to operate a community destination cafe, offering craft food and beverage, prepared and served by employees, twenty-two and older, with intellectual and developmental disabilities.

They are a community-driven business built by local people who enrich and share time and funds through the Brewing Opportunities Foundation, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization.

Gerry’s is creating an exceptional environment that will provide joy through human interaction. The creative and modern menu will be made fresh daily, with quality, seasonal ingredients; made by “Exceptional People”!

When you visit Gerry’s Cafe,  a feeling of joy with a welcome like no other will infuse your day. It will be contagious. Did we mention the great food, inviting and comfortable atmosphere?

Donations directly benefit that special person serving the customer.


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