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Although working in the construction field comes with some risks, job sites must have safety precautions in place to protect their workers from unreasonable hazards. Unfortunately, every year, Elgin residents suffer serious injuries due to falls from ladders that could have been avoided.

If you suffered an injury at a construction site because of someone else’s negligence, an Elgin ladder accident lawyer at our firm could offer valuable legal support. At the Law Offices of R.F. Wittmeyer, Ltd., a dedicated construction accident attorney could review what happened to you and advise you on the viability of filing a personal injury claim.

Common Causes of Ladder Accidents in Elgin

A skilled local attorney could help investigate a ladder accident to see how it occurred. To do this, our legal team would speak to eyewitnesses as well as past and current employees to learn about the employee training protocol at the work site. The dedicated lawyers at our firm have extensive experience investigating and handling claims for ladder accidents caused by the following common factors.

Improper Ladder Use

In order to prevent falls, workers at construction sites need to use ladders properly. Our team of attorneys could help determine whether the construction company followed ladder safety precautions, such as ensuring that:

  • The ladder is secured to stable and nonslip flooring or ground
  • The ladder does not lean against an unstable or shifting surface
  • Only one worker uses the same ladder at a time
  • The workers wear proper nonslip shoes on the ladder
  • The workers face the ladder as they climb up and down
  • The workers use tool belts for their equipment so that they can use their hands to hold onto the ladder as they climb up and down

Employers need to teach their employees how to use a ladder correctly. If an accident occurs because a construction worker did not receive adequate training on safe ladder usage, an injured victim could file suit against the people who set up the ladder as well as the construction company in charge of hiring and training those workers.

Using the Wrong Ladder for the Task

Ladder accidents sometimes occur when workers select the wrong ladder for a particular task. For example, if a roofer picks a ladder that is too short, they may have to stand on the top rung to reach the roof, which is more unstable and unsafe. They may also have to stretch their body to reach the roof, which increases their risk of falling.

If an accident occurs because a construction crew used the wrong ladder, a worker or bystander injured as a result could pursue recovery with nearby legal assistance. An attorney at the Law Offices of R.F. Wittmeyer, Ltd. could help pursue damages against the worker who negligently picked the wrong type of ladder for the job. If their employer did not properly train them on how to select the correct ladder, then the injured victim could also file suit against the construction company.

Defective Ladders

Many of these kinds of accidents occur due to problems with the ladders, such as inherent structural defects. If an Elgin resident suffers a serious injury because they used a defective ladder, a seasoned attorney could help them pursue a defective product claim against the original manufacturer.

Even ladders that were initially safe can become hazardous from overuse or improper care and maintenance. For example, a ladder that has been stored outside in the rain or snow may not last as long as one that has been kept inside. Before each usage, workers should check to ensure that the equipment remains safe. In the event of an accident caused by a worn-out ladder, a local attorney could help pursue damages against the parties responsible for its storage and maintenance.

Call an Elgin Ladder Accident Attorney to Assist You

Ladder accidents can result in serious or even life-threatening injuries. If you sustained harm in this type of incident, it is essential to reach out to an experienced Elgin ladder accident lawyer as soon as possible. Call the Law Offices of R.F. Wittmeyer, Ltd. today to discuss how we could help you recover compensation for your losses.

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