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How to Safely Enjoy the Fall Foliage

The best time to view fall foliage in Illinois is mid-to late October. During this time, expect to see distracted leaf peeping out of towners on the road. Unfortunately, many locals dread this time of year because these distracted drivers not only slow your commute, they can cause accidents as well.

It’s no wonder locals find leaf peepers a nuisance. Slowing down, failing to signal, or stopping on a through way—easy to do when trying to catch a glimpse—are dangerous and frequently cause accidents.

Tips for Safe Viewing

To ensure you can enjoy the fall foliage in Illinois safely, follow these tips.

Be Aware of the Risks

When drivers are distracted by nature in all its glory, they can put other drivers on the road at risk. Drivers viewing the leaves commonly drive slower than traffic and often make driving maneuvers without properly signaling. Stay alert so you can recognize distracted drivers, and give them plenty of room, so you can quickly and safely maneuver around them and avoid collisions.

Know the Rules

The Illinois rules of the road handbook provides guidance on what to do when someone is blocking a lane or driving unsafely. It’s a good idea to familiarize yourself with these rules, so you know the legal—and safe—action to take when dealing with negligent drivers.

Be Cautious When Driving on Leaves

After that first rainstorm, expect to see some of those beautiful leaves on the street. Although they make for beautiful pictures, wet leaves are slippery and cause accidents by obscuring the road. Drive slower on leaves, and turn with caution.

Help When You Can

You can also contribute to keeping our roads safer during fall foliage season by helping people from out of town locate the best areas for viewing leaves and the safest pull out spots.

Leaf peepers aren’t the only risk you’ll face on the road this fall. Deer in mating season, more kids out due to school, and leaf debris on the road can all contribute to accidents. So, follow the tips above and stay safe when viewing the beautiful foliage this fall!

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