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1/5 Big Mistakes to Avoid in your Personal Injury Case

Consequences of Failing to Seek Immediate Medical Attention


We wanted to talk about one of the five biggest mistakes we see people make with their personal injury cases: failing to seek immediate medical attention. Let’s say for instance you’re in an auto accident, take the ambulance to the emergency room if you’ve been injured. If somebody picks you up from of the scene of the accident, have them take you to the emergency room. People sometimes feel that they have not been seriously injured, they just want to go home and rest; but by the next day, they feel horrible – get yourself medical treatment at that time. A delay of days after being injured might not be a problem, but a delay of weeks can certainly be a problem. The worst offenders we see in this case are working moms. Working moms tend to put everybody in the family in front of their own needs. If you’re a working mom, and you’ve been injured, put yourself first, and get yourself medical attention properly. Now when you’re at the doctor, or other medical provider, make sure you tell the doctor everything that is bothering you. Every part of your body that’s been injured because what can happen is, even though something might not seem very serious initially, that part of your body, lets say for instance your knee hits the dashboard, that can end up being the most serious, long lasting, maybe even requiring surgery, type of injury that you sustained. So, make sure you list head to toe, every part of your body that’s been injured. Another important thing to talk about is pre-existing conditions, if you say for instance have a neck condition, but in the auto accident it has been made worse; that is called an aggravation injury, that’s a legitimate injury, and you should tell the physician about that. As we say to juries, people with pre-existing conditions are easier to hurt, they are the most susceptible to injury and harder to fix. So again, make sure if you’re injured in an auto collision or some other type of trauma, you seek immediate medical attention. Stay safe, and be well.


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