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How to Build an Emergency Kit for Your Car

Emergencies can happen at any time, but rarely are we as prepared as we need to be. This is particularly true when it comes to emergencies on the road. The good news is you can better prepare for accidents, natural disasters, and other emergencies by building an emergency kit for your car. An emergency kit can ensure you are ready to face the many risks of the road.

Crafting Your Kit

An emergency kit should include supplies for extreme weather, getting stranded, getting in accidents, and treating injuries.

In Illinois, we face the risks of torrential rains, storms, and freezing temperatures. Extreme weather events can make traveling unsafe, and sometimes the safest thing to do is pull over. In winter, keep a shovel and sand in your kit to help you stay mobile on ice and snow. Include an ice-scraper for visibility, and a few emergency blankets to keep you warm in case you are stranded. Add nutrient dense but space efficient foods like nuts and chocolate and plenty of water, too.

Other general use items such as flashlights, jumper cables, flares, a flat tire kit, and a full gas can will help cover your bases if you experience mechanical issues.

Be Ready for Accidents

You will also want to include a few items that will come in handy in case you get in an accident. Stock your emergency kit with first aid essentials. Pack rubber gloves; compress dressings, antiseptics, sterile gauze, bandages, a space blanket, aspirin, tweezers, and a breathing barrier at a minimum.

Include a disposable camera, pen and paper, and a tape recorder, too. These can help you collect and preserve evidence if you get in an accident and seek compensation. Recording statements, sketching the scene of the accident, and taking pictures can strengthen your insurance claim.

Preparedness is Key

The items above can prepare you to face common emergencies. But if you are involved in an accident, you will need an attorney to prepare you for the insurance battle you may face ahead. An experienced Arlington Heights car accident attorney can explain the process for seeking compensation for your losses. Legal red tape and insurance industry practices can make seeking compensation stressful and overwhelming. An attorney can assist you with the process step by step, helping you receive the compensation you deserve with less stress and hassle. 

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