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Bigger and Better: Top Automotive Trends for 2018

The future of driving is now. More than ever, new technologies are making driving safer and more convenient. Here are the top automotive trends for 2018.

Self-Driving Cars

Autonomous cars are a reality now. What started years ago as just prototyping and speculation are now on the verge of becoming mainstream. Many companies predict self-driving cars will have a definite place in the market in 2018. Eventually, this means drivers will have to get used to the presence of autonomous vehicles on the road. And industry leaders have significant safety and legal concerns to resolve. For now, self-driving cars are primarily in beta testing with numerous regulatory hurdles to overcome.

Data Connectivity

The automotive industry is using big data to connect cars to each other. Many industries are benefiting from Internet of Things (IoT) network technology, and the automotive industry is no exception. Cloud computing and data connectivity are changing the way we live our lives. They can also make driving safer by allowing cars to talk to each other.

While not yet fully functional, the efforts for vehicle-to-vehicle communication are well underway. Eventually, cars will be able to share information about weather, distance, breaking speed, and more. Crucially, connected “smart” cars and self-driving cars will be able to use predictive analysis to predict human behavior and reduce the risk of accidents. Internet technology is also being used to make cars do more work—like parallel parking—for us.

Versatile Vehicles

As technology advances and our lives change, so do our transportation needs. The standard sedan or SUV can’t meet the needs of every driver, so manufacturers are deploying cars with unique functionalities.

Crossovers—a hybrid of SUVs and sedans—aren’t new to the market. But their numbers are expected to increase dramatically in 2018 and coming years. Their versatility combined with their relative fuel economy makes them popular for families on the go.

Multi-terrain vehicles are relatively new to the market. They meet the needs of retiring baby boomers using cars primarily to travel instead of toting around kids. 2018 will bring an even greater number of these multi-functional vehicles as the needs of Americans change.

The Evolution of Cars

These automotive trends can improve safety and better meet our needs. In 2018 and the years to come, expect significant changes in what our cars can do for us and what we can do with our cars. From self-parking vehicles to predictive crash prevention, the future of driving is safer and more functional than ever.

R.F. Wittmeyer

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