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2/5 Big Mistakes to Avoid in your Personal Injury Case – Dealing Directly with the Adverse Insurance Adjuster

Dealing directly with the adverse insurance adjuster is one of the 5 biggest mistakes to avoid in your Personal Injury case. I was a former claim rep myself many years ago – they want to reach out to the claimant, be very friendly, and try to build a rapport with that person. Why? To keep them from going to a lawyer.

If claim reps tell you that they’ll take care of you, or you don’t need a lawyer taking part of your settlement, or sometimes they may even send you a check. Don’t be fooled… that claim rep is not on your side, they have one job to do, and that is to minimize what they pay on your claim. Unless you have a very minor injury where a lawyer is not going to be able to add value to your case, don’t sign medical releases for the adverse insurance company, don’t give them a recorded statement, and don’t accept or sign any checks that they might send you early on. That is of course not including the check for the property damage to your car, which is a completely separate claim; make sure it doesn’t in any way release your bodily injury claim.

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