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Residents of Arlington Heights are very lucky to have miles of existing bikeways that can take you to many parks, public buildings, and the Metra station downtown. However, as your ride from Lake Arlington to Recreation Park, Arlington Heights has created Bicycle Advisory Commission that recommends many safety tips to avoid accidents. Additionally, certain equipment is required by law for all bicycles to reduce any injuries you may suffer from a crash.

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Equipment Required by Law for Bicyclists

To ensure your safety, Illinois has specific laws and regulations for bicyclists. Generally, Illinois bicyclists have the same rights and same duties as drivers of motor vehicles. Additionally, law requires that every bicycle has:

  • Handbrakes or coaster brakes
  • Headlights that are used at night. The white light should be visible at least 500 feet from the front of the bike.
  • Red reflectors on the rear of the bicycle which can be seen from 100 to 600 feet from behind.

There is no statewide requirement for helmet use, though some municipalities in Illinois require helmet use by children. Furthermore, while Arlington Heights currently does not require a helmet, they are highly recommended for the safety of all bicyclists.

Proposals for More Bicycle Pathways

As of 2017, Arlington Heights had a bikeway network of approximately 44.5 miles with 2.2 miles considered short paths that would be within parks and residential developments. The village has plans for over 10.1 miles of planned routes and 10.5 miles of additional potential routes. This plan’s main goal is to reduce the number of accidents surrounding dangerous intersections and locations in Arlington Heights.

Almost all of the high crash locations are located on or near Arlington Heights Road. The majority of bicycle and pedestrian accidents take place downtown near the road’s intersection with Northwest Highway. Since the Metra train station and many residential units are located in this area, the village wants to try to keep as many people safe from accidents as possible. Additionally, this location is also the most pedestrian friendly, so keeping bicyclists and pedestrians safe is of the highest priority. From 2008 to 2012, 10 out of the 13 fatal and serious injury bicycle crashes occurred along these highly trafficked roads.

In the end, the proposals have two goals:

  1. Improve safety for all pedestrians, cyclists, and motorists within Arlington Heights.
  2. Increase the convenience, comfort, and ease of cycling and walking in the village.

With such important bicycle safety goals in mind, the village of Arlington Heights is taking great strides to ensure more people safely enjoy cycling through its many beautiful neighborhoods and parks.

The Importance of Bicycle Safety in Arlington Heights

Bicycle safety is crucial for all riders in Arlington Heights who want to avoid serious accidents. However, even with all these proposals in place, you may still find yourself injured in a cycling crash.

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