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You may need to use medicine for pain or an illness. Most of the time, medications are safe to use and work as intended. However, when drug manufacturers or producers are negligent, their products may cause harm to users, ranging from minor to even life-threatening conditions.

If you believe that a prescription or over-the-counter medication caused you to experience unlisted or unreasonably hazardous side effects, consider speaking to an Arlington Heights dangerous drugs lawyer about your situation. A qualified personal injury attorney at the Law Offices of R.F. Wittmeyer, Ltd. could review your circumstances and offer guidance about your legal options. We are ready to help you pursue compensation from the drug manufacturer or seller responsible for your losses.

What Makes a Drug Dangerous?

There are a few different scenarios in which a drug could be considered dangerous. For one, a manufacturer could be dishonest about side effects or contraindications. The drug could have been marketed in a way that failed to properly inform consumers and doctors of all potential risks and side effects. A drug could also be introduced to the market without the necessary research and testing to ensure that it is safe for intended use. A manufacturing flaw may make a specific batch or unit of the product unsafe or defective.

There are other forms of human error that can make a drug dangerous as well, such as:

  • A container not being labeled properly
  • A storage area allowing for a shipment of medication to become contaminated
  • A mistake by a prescribing physician that leads to someone taking the wrong dose or medication

In each of these scenarios, different parties could be to blame for a patient’s damages. A skilled attorney at our Arlington Heights office could investigate the situation and help determine who may be at-fault for the harm caused by a dangerous drug.

Recoverable Compensation and Filing Deadlines for Defective Drugs

Through a successful defective drug claim, an injured patient could seek financial restitution for every form of harm caused by the medication in question. Recoverable damages may include economic losses like medical bills and missed time from work, as well as non-economic forms of harm like loss of enjoyment of life and pain and suffering.

However, like all personal injury claims, dangerous drug lawsuits are subject to filing deadlines set by the applicable statute of limitations. Under 735 Illinois Compiled Statutes 5/13-202, a patient has two years from when they discovered their injuries to file a claim for damages. If they wait too long, they could be barred from recovering any compensation at all.

Reach Out to an Arlington Heights Dangerous Drug Attorney

Proving liability and seeking compensation for harm caused by a dangerous drug can be a complex and time-consuming ordeal. The massive companies that manufacture these products are well-equipped to fight all civil claims filed against them.

However, the dedicated attorneys at the Law Offices of R.F. Wittmeyer. Ltd. have over thirty years of experience handling these types of claims and are prepared to stand up to the large corporations on your behalf. Let an Arlington Heights dangerous drug lawyer handle your case and tirelessly pursue the compensation you deserve. Call today to set up a consultation.

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