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Country Roads – How to Stay Safe

country road

In 1971, singer-songwriter John Denver sang the words “country roads, take me home.” Here in the Midwest, we understand those words quite well. Country roads lead us to friends, families, and activities. Driving down country roads are a frequent summer pass time for drivers for all ages. We love to drive down them slowly taking our time and taking in the sunshine. We love to pull off to the side of them and fish in a hidden creek. But even with less traffic and a serene environment, you must stay safe while driving. In fact, less traffic and population on these roads bring different problems than in-town driving such as weather, animals, the make-up of the roads, and other country road utilizers. According to the Illinois Farm Bureau, keep these three things in mind when using country roads for summer driving.

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Crosswalks: Being Safe While Crossing

Accidents in CrosswalksWith the beginning of the school year, more students walk as they head to school and will use crosswalks. Many parents rightfully worry about the safety of their children while walking to school. It is too often that pedestrians or bicyclers are killed or fatally injured while using a crosswalk. Recently, a Mount Prospect cyclist was killed after a driver failed to stop at a crosswalk. At this particular crosswalk, a special beacon flashed to warn drivers that someone is crossing. People wonder if a more effective way exists to warn and alert drivers of pedestrians in crosswalks. [Read more…]

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