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What should I expect when I call the Law Offices of R.F. Wittmeyer, Ltd.?

When you call the Law Offices of R.F. Wittmeyer at 847-577-1123, you can expect to talk to a live member of our experienced support staff. What that member of our support staff is going to do is they are going to take down some preliminary information about your potential case. That will include facts about the case, the nature of your legal issue, any witness information, and any parties that you feel may be responsible for your injuries. Once that information is gathered, that information will be passed on to an attorney at our office, which will be reviewed and if it is something that we can potentially help you out with, we will schedule a convenient appointment for you to come into our office and meet with us. That appointment can be nights, weekends, or even if necessary, we can come to you.

When you arrive at our office at 2101 S Arlington Heights Rd Suite 103, Arlington Heights, IL 60005 in Arlington Heights, Illinois, for your one-on-one appointment, you’re going to want to bring some documents with you. You’re going to want to bring any police report, incident report.

You’re going to want to bring any insurance coverage that you may have, which includes

health insurance,
car insurance, or
any secondary insurance.
You are also going to want to bring any

witness information,
medical records, and
medical bills.
All of this information will help us to properly evaluate your case. During the appointment, the first thing that we are going to do is to get to know you as a person. because in the end you are going to make all of the final decisions. We will also explain how the litigation process works, what you can expect from us in the office, and also what to expect your duties will be because after all, this is a team effort and we cannot be successful without the cooperation of our clients. At the end of the meeting, typically, you will sign a retainer agreement, which includes a 1/3 contingency fee along with a HIPAA authorization, which will allow us to obtain your medical records and bills when that time is necessary. After that, you will be our client. We will fully represent you and please feel free to call us with any needs or concerns. Because in the end, we are there to work for you.

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