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What is the lawyer’s fees in my case?

Hello, my name is Ron Wittmeyer. We practice personal injury law. We represent only people who have been injured. We do not represent any insurance companies or corporations of any kind. Today, I want to explain how our fees work. We work, in all of our cases, on a contingency fee basis. Basically, it is a commission. In most cases, we work in a 1/3 contingency fee basis. What that means is we take 1/3 off the top of anything we recover for our client. The only expense that does not include is our out-of-pocket expenses. Out-of-pocket expenses are charges, for example, for filing fees for a case for filing a lawsuit, which costs about $400. We advance those costs and get those back from the client out of their 2/3 share of any recovery. This is the standard way personal injury lawyers works on cases. Most clients cannot afford to pay a lawyer $350 an hour or whatever the charges might be. So, the client pays nothing up front for us to work on their case and if we make no recovery in the case, there is no fee earned. In other words – no recovery, no fee.

R.F. Wittmeyer

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