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Drive Safely – AARP Smart Driver Course

older driverEach day, we hit the road to get to work or to visit our family – and we need to drive safely. We want to ensure that we do not have a car accident while we head to the many locations that we want to visit. However, with many distractions in the cars and lots of new technological advancements, the cars of today are very different than what many of us are familiar with. To remedy this and ensure people drive safely, the AARP has created the Smart Driver Course as an online driver safety course designed for drivers over the age of 50.

By taking a driver safety course, the AARP asserts that you’ll learn

  • the current rules of the road,
  • defensive driving techniques and
  • how to operate your vehicle more safely in today’s increasingly challenging driving environment.

Drive Safely as Age Affects Your Reaction Time

With age comes lots of changes – many of them really good! – but some of them change your vision, hearing and reaction time. The AARP asserts that with their AARP Smart Driver Course you will learn to:

  • Minimize the effects of blind spots
  • Maintain the proper following distance behind another car
  • Change lanes and make turns at busy intersections safely
  • Properly use safety belts, air bags, antilock brakes and new technology found in cars today
  • Monitor your own and others’ driving skills and capabilities
  • Understand the effects of medications on driving, and
  • Eliminate distractions, such as eating, smoking and using a cellphone.

cell phone driveThe AARP Smart Driver Course, offered by AARP Driver Safety, is the nation’s largest classroom and online driver safety course and is designed especially for drivers age 50 and older. Over 15 million participants have gone through AARP Driver Safety classroom and online courses, taught by more than 4,000 AARP Driver Safety volunteers. To locate a classroom course, visit aarp.org/findacourse.

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